Monday, February 06, 2006


A big day today, Charlotte's first day at a "grown up" job, it's Waitangi Day (hey you kiwis!) and I am another birthday older and closer to 40. Having your birthday on your National holiday always seems like a good idea, it's not, yes you always get the day off work or school, but then again, your friends usually take off on holiday, so it is nice having my birthday on a normal day now that we are in Oz.

38 things you probably don't know about me.
I have followed Alison's lead in borrowing Lisa's birthday list. And it is funny reading other people's lists-how similar we are in some aspects

1. I am right-handed most of the time, but left-handed when I eat.
2. The first time I was ever admitted to hospital was to give birth to Holly. The second time when I went into premature labour with Charlotte.
3. Blaise was born at home.
4. The third time I was admitted to hospital it was for a tubal ligation.
5. I don't like olives, I try, but I can't.
6. I drink coffee in the morning, and Earl Grey tea the rest of the day.
7. I have an officially tested (3x) I.Q. of is wasted on me.
8. Dogs are tolerable, cats are mandatory.
9. Prefer blankets to quilts (duvets, doonas) cotton in summer, wool in winter.
10. When I was at school I wished my name was Lisa or Angela like everyone else.
11. My children think I am psychic (It's really just my Mother instincts)
12. I have never been in trouble with the law.
13. My first memory is of me telling Una from next door that if she kept putting a plastic bag over her head she would suffocate, my sister wasn't born yet, so I would have been 2.
14. I only like 2 peices of furniture in my entire house, I only love 1.
15. When I was 15 I was anorexic.
16. My second toe is longer then my big toe.
17. I hate catching the bus.
18. I have twice as many tastebuds as the average person.
19. As a child I hallucinated often when I had a fever, I still remember a lot of these hallucinations.
20. When I was 10 I bred mice and sold them to the pet shop for 30c each.
21. I was so upset when I found out that I couldn't go to Mallory Towers that I threw up.
22. My eyes change colour, from navy, through light blue to grey.
23. I can't stand bad manners.
24. I am painfully shy.
25. I would rather climb the stairs than take the lift.
26. I have been trapped in a stairwell, but never in a lift.
27. I sleep on my back with my arms above my head.
28. I am not a team player.
29. When I was 15 my step-mother told me I couldn't be a vet, (because her daughter didn't get accepted for Vet. college) I didn't tell anyone, just stopped trying because I thought she was an adult so she must be right.
30.I have raised all of our kids not to take "no" for an answer.
31. I make time to worry, I think to myself "I can't worry about that right now, I'll worry about it after dinner"
32. I came top of my year in School Cert. Biology.
33. I am so afraid of the women at the cosmetic counters in department stores that I give my husband a list of what to buy from Dior and Clinique duty-free.
34. I can't borrow books I really like, I have to buy them.
35. I am truly afraid that in 20 years time, they won't sell basics like flour anymore, and I won't be able to teach my grandchildren how to bake cookies.
36. I fidget - a lot.
37. I was smacked on my first day of school, because I couldn't sit still
38. My dream vehicle is a long wheel base LandRover Defender in black with stainless steel step-plate, and spotlights.

and thank you very much to the Flash husband for the Jordana Paige bag, I love you.

postscript (to my dear tribe - you are not late, it is my birthday right now, stop apologising!)