Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday round up

This has gone

These have gone

3 of these are finished and going

I have a weekend of baby pants, singlets and preemie hats ahead

then a week of work

then a weekend of frantic packing and procuring

then Paris

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Blaise managed to have all her stuff together - and left early Saturday morning, neither of us cried - but I did take a photo for her baby book...I think it will be poignant as the last one, waving her passport at me from the immigration gate because she is pretty much grown up now. I'll still keep taking photos of her(of course!)

Saturday night we went to a rugby match - not my choice for an evening out, but it was great - we had the corporate box to ourselves and invited my parents, my sister, her husband and kids. Anyone who knows me knows that my sister and I have not talked much in the past 5 years, so it was nice to be able to spend an evening all together.

My new best friend and I had a great time outside watching the game, she is two, and didn't understand what was going on...just that there was a ball, lot's of man's and lot's of mans needing a plaster (bandaid) and a kiss...which pretty much sums up everything I know about the game too.There was lot's of dancing standing on Aunty Jus's lap, high fives whenever the crowd roared, waving and saying"hi" to the camera man (it was a small crowd - she ended up on TV numerous times) and trying to remove all of my jewellery (pretty...) my nephew is seven and had a brilliant time eating chippies and watching the game, I'm really happy that Flash organised it and made me go - even if it was rugby.
Sunday morning dawned warm and sunny - for me anyway...Flash was hungover!
I caught the ferry to Devonport and met Libby, Sarah and Edwina (sadly blogless) at Wild and Woolly which is the best allround yarn store in Auckland, we then retired for coffee (I didn't buy anything except buttons - which I need for an order - I feel very virtuous!)it was wonderful to meet Libby - whom Sarah and I have been talking to on Ravelry, I love the knitternet!
(and yes I ordered my Ravelry shirt...and some pins)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday round up

Before she goes here...I have a list...the orange plastic spoons from T2 ( they're handy ok?) Green and Blacks with caramel and seasalt, the scent of Pentimento...(she offered to go in with a jar and capture some air!) did you guess?...Blaise is off to Sydney for a week.

As a gift to the friend she is staying with, Blaise is knitting a scarf...but in true Turner tradition it's just not that simple.
First buy your yarn....cream Naturally felted lambswool
skein it and soak it
then paint it with a variety of purples (your best friend's favourite colour)
cook it, wash it, dry it, re-ball it...then knit it!

Some Knit Rangers are meeting up with KiwiChick this sunday morning at 10.30 outside Wild and Woolly, we'll have tea and cake and talk knitting, join us if you can!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday round up

Apparently Kate McCann's diary has been leaked to Portuguese "journalists", they have reported that she made entries like " looking after Madeline and the twins is exhausting" and "Jerry doesn't pull his weight with the chores" - damning stuff, obviously she did it, lock her up and throw away the key.
And while you are it you might as well lock up every other wife and mother.

Last night we had an enjoyable and entertaining dinner at my parent's house, my step-father is originally from Bray in Ireland, and in his position has forged firm sister city ties between our city and Galway, which led to Ursula Rani Sarma coming over for our annual literature festival "Going West", my parents rightly thought that our writer-in-residence Blaise would enjoy meeting Ursula, she definitely has a new mentor and friend, and we all had a wonderful evening - nice to stretch the brain and engage in thought-provoking conversation.

I discovered yesterday that I do indeed still have a job at least until early next year, my manager came to me to work out a time to do my annual review - I told her that my contract ends at the end of September and she laughed, and told me my review will be early October, that's a relief - I'm actually enjoying it.

Culture comes out West!! just kidding, there is plenty of culture out here, I discovered a tiny gelato and italian soda shop on the main street of Henderson yesterday, and when I decide I am allowed to eat sugar again I will be straight in there!

I had a cathartic experience at the hairdressers yesterday - not a common comment huh!
I have not had my hair cut since we came home, to cut a long story short the hairdresser asked why not - and I realised that it was a reaction to coming home to Auckland, that I was unhappy on the inside and it was showing on the outside, now I have grownup hair, and I've lost 5 kilos in the past couple of weeks - I'm feeling happier about everything and it is starting to show.

Knitting - work on my secret projects has been suspended while I make up orders for 2 shops (yay!) but I am really happy with how one of them has turned out - and just have the sewing up and weaving of ends to do, which I will probably do at Knit Rangers on sunday,all will be revealed soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

it's over

The Hourglass sweater....she is done.
excuse the 80's ensuite - but Frasier was in the shot and I couldn't resist
cos I loves him
stats: 12 skeins of Noro Cash iroha (beautiful yarn even if it is a single)
perfect when I tried it on prior to blocking, after blocking the sleeves are perfect for a gorilla, and the neck is most definitely flashdance, I was reminded of the Yarn Harlot's story of the sweaters that grew. I will shorten the sleeves with surgery, the neck is not so bad that I can't wear it, and my collarbones are one of my favourite features - so the neckline can remain. The cosiness of this yarn is beyond belief - no itch on my itchy-scratchy skin, heaven!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday round up -really!

ok so it's saturday - but I wrote this last night - so it's fair!

- the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" - watch it, set during the Spanish civil war, (and in spanish - but with great subtitles) it is the story of Ofelia a young girl placed in a horrific situation whose imagination takes over to protect her from reality. It is not a happy story, and there are some gruesomely violent scenes, but it is beautiful to watch the magic lift this child above the horror.

- I have finally - wait for it....finally finished the blue blob, it is now officially an Hourglass sweater, however it is still damp after blocking for 2 days now, and I am scared to pick it up...but there will be photos as soon as I can put it on.

- flushed with the success of the Hourglass sweater I immediately cast on for a Droplet hat from Nora Gaughn's "Knitting nature" with the remainder of the Noro cash iroha I used for the sweater, the next day Blaise had a cute new hat(above). I enjoyed this knit, it went quickly and the pattern was interesting enough to keep me amused, and easy enough to be TV knitting.

- apart from that slight deviation, Ravelry has been great for keeping me honest and on track with my projects, last night I worked away at the secret knitting which is now at the top of my projects list, this is a first for me, I am so easily distracted that it is nice to have such a tool to keep me focused.
I'm off to pick Flash up from the airport - another week away from home...hmm maybe that's how come I got to finish so much knitting!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


I have chosen a sock yarn for the journey - Colinette jitterbug in the "Monet" colourway - I shall definitely be taking it to visit Monet's Nymphea at the Musee D'orangerie - probably no photos though...unless I can get Flash to kinnear one with his phone.

We have found a lovely young woman who is willing to live with our teenage daughters for almost 3 weeks, she has a degree in Psychology, but we haven't told them that yet!

I know that I have readers in Paris - I will be staying at the Marriott Champs Elysees,arriving on thursday 11 October, we have friday until 5pm, saturday afternoon and sunday until about 5 free of commitments, we then have the following friday and sunday afternoons free-ish. I would love to attend a knitting group for an hour or so, so if there are any on in the City during these times please let me know, or if anyone lives nearby and wants to meet up for a coffee- email is

As you can see, I have finally received my itinerary:
we leave NZ 10/10 for Singapore, 24 hour stopover (just long enough to grab some Chili crab!) and arrive in Paris 11/10 - where we have a day and a half alone (yay - this is when I will be BonMarche and La Droguerie shopping) before we meet up with the rest of the group on friday at 5pm.
Saturday morning we have a 2cv tour of various sights, and can be dropped wherever we like, we get to spend this afternoon doing whatever we want to before we meet back at the hotel to go to the rugby semi-final.

Sunday is at our leisure until the rugby again

Monday we depart for the Loire valley - via TGV - we will be staying at the Domaine De Beauvois and will spend this day wandering Tours.

Tuesday bicycle ride to "discover a variety of landscapes" and picnic lunch, and dinner at Le Moulin Fleuri.

Wednesday visit to Amboise, which I am looking forward to immensely.

Thursday visit to Chenonceau (picture above)which I am looking forward to even more than the Amboise, a bit of wine and cheese tasting, then a medieval dinner at Le Clos Luce - Da Vinci's last home before his death.

Friday back to Paris - free for the day, and then "a romantic dinner cruise" apparently it will be "tables for two" unfortunately knowing this lot they will push them all together and dance on them...

Saturday - the Louvre, and then more freedom before the Rugby final.

Sunday - it's over - utter freedom to go wherever we like! at 6pm we take the Eurostar to London

Monday - wander London (yes we have plans for all of our wanderings)

Tueday - blat down to Gloucestershire to visit the house I was born in, and the cemetary where my Grandfather lies - the rest of the family have been and planted NZ native flaxes and hebes, now it is my turn.

Wednesday more sightseeing and shopping in London, then back to Singapore for a break- this time we have time for shopping, the Night safari and more chilli crab (and the bucket curries that Flash was too frightened to eat on the way there in case he spent the holiday in the bathroom! - he'll take his chances on the way home)

Friday - home, and sleep.