Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lucky we didn't touch it...

Jacqui sent me this link, this is my bug...just like a common old NZ stinkbug, but flashy, it's the drag queen version, everything is bigger and brighter in Sydney.

More mail, this time a needlefelting kit, my but those needles are sharp...Flash was worried I was taking up home tatooing, the big silly! and the pattern for the Seascape Shawl I have ordered yarn, can't wait to get started...yes, yes I know I am supposed to be knitting the corset, but waiting for Ailsa to dye her gorgeous yarn, so we can be a support group for one another (anyone else is welcome to join us)

Still knitting Jason's socks, finishing the surprise baby cardi, and ignoring the karangahake wrap (wrap what wrap?)

Monday, September 26, 2005


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Just beautiful


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lookee my goodies,a stitch gauge( I keep meaning to buy one) yummy yarn, yummy chocolate, and 2 magazines, I am so off to have a bubblebath.


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gorgeous stitch markers- I LOVE that dragonfly


Blaise did the usual, theres no mail for you....except thiii-iiiss when I came home from work today, interesting...my name and address as sender and sendee.
My Secret Pal is quick off the mark, generous and thoughtful.

Look at the beautiful wrapping, the little tags are SO cute.
Thank you.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

little gems

I have been accused many time of not seeing the forest for the trees, sometimes I just get so bogged down by detail...this time it paid off.

Today Flash and I went for a walk around the bay from Lilyfield to Birkenhead Point and back, on the way we discovered these little guys. Can anyone identify the beetle?

Heres another shot, apparently there are 15000 species of beetle in Sydney, and it is bloody hard to photograph one when the camera wants to focus on the grass, or a line on the road...

These guys had decimated a shrub, I think they are woolly bears, they would be at home...but I am not sure, I have never seen caterpillars in such numbers.

I have written out the Fortune Cat pattern, and am testing it, so it will be posted soon because you asked so nicely Em and Mon.

I drove down to Wollongong again yesterday, spent some time with Donni, was overwhelmed at her Aladdin's Cave of yarn, and her studio...very cool, very inspiring. Then went to the SnB, and caught up with Donna and Em (above) who brought "A Gathering of Lace" along (so now I have to buy) and Ailsa, who was witty and delightful as ever, we had a great time, very much worth the drive just for the boost it gives me to keep working towards my goals.

and lastly, yes my baby came home, sweaty and happy just after midnight...I was waiting on the patio, and saw her getting dropped off by her friend's Mum, who was as bewildered as I at how fast they grow up...and since Blaise is the last of the 5...well you think I would have it figured out by now!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Just Jussi - shrugging shoulders since 1968....

I am stunned after that Imogen post, thanks for the emails and comments. I should get myself a website so that I can post patterns and things like that, without filling up the blog, but hey, we all know that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, unless I decrease the hours I spend as a wage slave.
(note to self - add to list as reason #57 for reducing my hours)

This week I have been reasonably productive, knitting – wise
( life-wise too…I finally finished and lodged my tax return-yahoo- go me! no seriously, we kiwis have it made when it comes to tax returns…we no longer have very much we can deduct, we have no Medicare, most wage-earners don’t need to file returns, I filed one for the last tax year because I only worked half the year, so have money owing to me – yay, but this Aussie system had me pulling my hair out, Flash has conceded defeat and gone to an accountant.)

Anyway, I have made 3 One Skein Wonders…because wherever I was when I was working on them, I didn’t want to do the pick up around entire edge, so put them aside for later, and started a new one, then I sat down with all three in one evening and did the edging. The actual knitting is so easy, I no longer required the pattern after the first one, and the sizing is so good, I can make it in a thinner yarn to make a smaller size or a thicker yarn for a larger size, and have put together a bag of orphan balls of yarn that I can use to make them…guess what all of the kids will have in their stockings come Christmas! The main thing I like about them is …it’s a garment…but it has less rows than a sock.

I have played with the pattern a wee bit, as you do, tweaked it for my convenience, I am using dpns to knit the sleeves so that I manage to escape even that teeeeny bit of seaming, I have played with a picot hole before and after the sleeve “seam” increases and threaded ribbon through for added interest, and of course the ubiquitous colour and yarn variations. I will of course draw the line at a fun fur edging, I will not expose my children to rainbow feathers. Though I do think it could be interesting as an accompaniment to a ball gown…made in real fur of course…not.

So here is Blaise, with her sweet little shrug in handpainted yarns “Pagoda”, her fibrearts “desert sunset” and her Bamboo in cobalt blue (and I am tempted to make her one in Karaoke rainbow…to make up for her previous hippie comments…that said the child has very hippi-ish leanings herself fashionwise…but she calls it “bohemian”)
Though she isn’t shy about her foot long scar, wearing one of these does cover it when she is wearing skinny straps, for those times when she doesn’t feel like explaining, so that just makes this cute thing even better.

postscript: this child has just headed off to a Garbage concert...she has tickets for the Mosh pit, I am not a little nervous, this is sorely testing my mission statement to"raise sassy girls" , I want my baby home playing video games against Flash, (and winning)...breathe Justine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This has been an interesting project, I started out wanting to make myself a black lace cardigan…I had lost my Manon Salois cut and sew book, and decided I didn’t want to face cut and sew lace without it, so created a fully-fashioned pattern, no more time consuming in the long wrong and a lot less stress. I made it for myself, for my measurements and fashion quirks. I can see a lot of colour and pattern potential in this style like how the cardigan can be adapted to sit neatly, or asymmetrically, or even as a sweater. It is a very forgiving pattern.

I decided to write the pattern up, and if any brave souls want to give it a try, then best of luck to them, and I hope my gibberish makes sense, I received a number of emails from friends and allies suggesting that this should not be a free pattern, and I gave this idea much thought, a lot of time and energy is expended in creating a garment from scratch, but I feel most people appreciate this and would not take advantage. I had thought about presenting it to a Machine knitting magazine, but there are precious few of those around, and frankly at present I do not have the energy to spend working up the pattern in different sizes, and writing clear instructions. I expect that anyone who does tackle this project would have a basic understanding of machine knitting, and would know where to research a term like “e-wrap”.

I apologise in advance for the lack of clarity in the pattern, I have yet to write patterns to “Knitty standard” but I am learning, I would suggest that prior to doing the shaping that you write yourself a list of numbers- the rows that you need to inc or dec on, that way you don’t need to think as hard while you are knitting. I wrote a separate column of numbers for each section, dec on back, inc on back, inc on sleeve, dec on front etc, and that you have a system, so you know when you have inc’d / dec’d (eg pulling needle out to HP)

That said, this is my pattern, I created it, I own it, I would LOVE to see pictures if you do make it, I don’t mind you making it for a friend, if she pays you for the yarn and your time…fine…but do not infringe on my copyright by using this pattern for commercial gain.

Imogen – allover lace fitted wrap cardigan.

Tension 40rows x 26stitches = 10cm (4 inches)
Yarn I used 2 ends of laceweight wool, so a 3ply or thin 4 ply.

Once again, these are not precise instructions…more of a guide.
I have not used a hem or rib, as my fabric lies flat after steaming, and the lace makes a nice edge .Make a test square, if the fabric does not lie flat after steaming you will have to add a hem, I would suggest stst on the back of the hem, lace on the front (and a different colour on the stst will show through the lace and add a nice touch) use a tighter tension for the hem.

Size: medium 36 inch bust
If you want it smaller or larger add or subtract some stitches. You will have to adjust the dec and incs, use a programme like “Knitware” it has a magic equation facility.

Pattern: I used a small falling leaf lace from the handmade mylars lady I bought the machine from. It is an 8 st repeat.
I call a “row” the use of the knit carriage, (and row counter) the lace carriage does not knit rows.
Any problems let me know.

Cast on for back:
150 sts cast on with waste yarn, knit a few rows, then e-wrap all needles with main yarn.
K 2 rows plain
Commence lace pattern RC 000
Dec 1 st each end every 10th row 4 x
Dec 1 st each end every 9th row 4 x (76 rows)
Knit 2 rows
Inc 1 st each end every 9th row 4 x
Inc 1 st each end every 10th row 4 x (RC 154)
Armhole shaping
Dec 2 sts beg next 4 rows
Dec 1st armhole edge beg next 40 rows (RC 198)
Work 50 rows straight
Hold 14 sts beg next 4 rows
Cast off on waste yarn(RC 252)

Cast on for front:
98 sts
K 2 rows plain
Commence lace pattern RC 000
At side edge
Dec 1 st at each side seam edge every 10th row 4 x
Dec 1 st at each side seam edge every 9th row 4 x (76 rows)
Knit 2 rows
Inc 1 st at side seam edge every 9th row 4 x
Inc 1 st at side seam edge every10th row 4 x

Start dec on neck edge
Dec 1 st every 4th row 6 x
Dec 1 st every 3rd row 38x

AND at RC 154
Dec for armholes at side edge
Dec 2 sts at side edge beginning next and alt row (4 rows total of 4 sts decreased)
Dec 1 st armhole edge beg next 40 rows
Work 50 rows straight (RC 248)
Hold 14 sts at side edge next 4 rows ( 28 sts held) cast off on waste yarn

Cast on for sleeve
Cast on 64sts
K 2 rows plain
Commence lace pattern RC 000
Work 58 rows
Inc 1 st each end every 8th row 13 x
Inc 1 st each end every 7th row 4 x
Cast off 2 sts beginning next 4 rows
Dec 1 st beginning next 62 rows
Cast off by linker or chain st cast off.(RC 240)

To make up
As a jumper:
You will need to sew the front, back and other front together in the side seam.See instructions below for the rest.

As a cardigan:
Join left front to back,(wrong side facing you, right sides facing each other) by picking up stitches from waste yarn, knit 1 row at max tension, cast of loosely. Do the same with the right.

Do not unravel the waste yarn yet, as you still have live sts at back neck.

Sew up the (wait a minute! Attach the ribbon about 8 inches up from the bottom on one side)side seams, matching carefully, (I used a sewing machine), sew sleeve seam, then sew into armhole.

Back at the knitting machine, work a false cable (wiggly worm) along fronts and back neck, as follows:
Wrong side facing, pick up and place 3 sts on needles, work 4 rows at tension 8, pick up the next 3 sts (use a 3 needle tool, it will give the right spacing), place on the same 3 needles, work 4 rows, continue in this manner until all stitches have been worked (including live sts from back neck)

Now you can fasten, this is how I did it, but experiment! You can use a brooch or stick instead of the ribbon, or a big kilt pin.
I attached hooks and eyes to fasten the inner side of the wrap, one at the bottom, one a couple of inches below the armpit. You have already attached a piece of ribbon to one side, on the other front, carefully sew another length of ribbon to the corner where you started decreasing the front.


Sunday, September 18, 2005


Today Flash and I had to get out of town, high tail it to the hills and get some FRESH AIR, so we drove through the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, to Lithgow, back around to North Richmond and home to Sydney, on the way we stopped at Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens...kind of accidentally, but in a serendipitous kind of way.

We only had an hour before it closed, but it was great, we had tea on the verandah overlooking this scenery, the colours of the hills changed as the clouds moved over them.

We ordered lime coconut cake ,scone bread pudding and a pot of Earl Grey...the cake was like a polenta cake, very tangy with long coconut threads, it came with clotted cream on the side, the pudding was made from ( yesterdays) scones with lots of dried fruit and spices (cream too) we ate half each and then swapped...we are civilised that way!(please note I did not take a photo of the food...I was tempted too, it was served beautifully on a circle of banana leaf...Flash drew the line at me taking photos of food in a restaurant)

Off we wandered, there are lots of different areas...Gondwana Forest, Rock gardens, herb gardens, NZ garden,Asiatic garden ( which will look amazing in a couple of weeks) etc etc...we have to go back for another look.

I was very taken with the number of red and pink blooms, my taste seems to be moving away from blues, towards red...I have always seen blue as calm and red as vibrant...what does this mean I wonder ? anyway, here is a taste of some of the beautiful spring flowers

The chocolate red of these tulips was striking and sophisticated...ah I miss my garden. They had many dye-plants, madder, indigo and another I can't remember the name of ...it yields a golden dye..."dyers something"

Glorious frothy flannel flowers, one of my favourite Australian natives, I can't resist their velvety softness and abundant blooms.

After the gardens we drove through Bilpin...home of the mountain apple! if you get a chance head out there for some sweet crunchy pink ladies and apple pie...every roadside fruit stall sold apple pie, and they all smelled delicious.

Friday, September 16, 2005

I have found heaven...

... and it is in Uruguay.

After tracking the parcel from Uruguay, through Argentina, Brussels and Amsterdam ( sounds like a dodgy mail run to me) the lovely DHL man dropped a big yellow bag at my office early this morning, when I arrived I noticed there were slightly more people in here than normal…5 compared to the usual 1…hovering, pretending to look for things, fix the photocopier, adjust the air-con, all waiting to see what was in the bag…I knew what was coming, but wasn’t prepared for how yummy it would look, how soft it feel, how vinegary ( in a good way) it would smell (no I didn’t taste it…not a good look when you are pretending to be the boss) 2 co-workers disappeared immediately, no doubt disappointed with my purchases, the others succumbed to the lure of the pretty colours and oooohed and aaahed like converts (one of them had to be shown the website immediately)

Look at all of this glorious yumminess, I won’t be going out at all this weekend…except to SSK of course, and this will be coming too. I have plans for the multicoloured laceweight…it will look very different the next time you see it, as for the bulky, not sure right now, but the plan will come together, it always does.

I thanked the yarn gods for the lovely ladies in Uruguay…and hope that they aren’t sick and tired of handpainting yarn, and love it just as much as I do, I worry about wether they are being exploited, or if this is a good way for them to support their families and they really enjoy it, I wonder if they knit, I wonder if their boss stresses them out because she is a control freak and the colour wasn’t “just so”and they go home yell at the kids, kick the llama, collapse on the couch to watch t.v. and tell their husband that if they never see another freakin’ skein of yarn again it will be too bloody soon.
I wonder if I should go have a lie down with a cool flannel on my forehead…

After a phonecall to a friend in NZ who knows about these things, it seems the Uruguay wool co-operatives are kosher so I should support them as much as I can…to this end I have just placed another order, this time for a jumper’s worth of bulky in the “surf” colourway, pale pastel blue shadings that are so “me”, and an “Ella”s worth of laceweight in a dark blue/white colourway which reminds me of indigo tie-dye, what can I say, I am a child of the (late) ‘60s, tie-dye is in my blood, no matter how sophisticated I seem (cough, cough) and a note to my children – no I never did dress you like hippies, yes there were some handpainted dresses, but they were made by professionals. I only made your jumpers, hats and cardis and from what I recall there were lots of kitties, and fairies on those, no tie-dye…maybe a few rainbow stripes …

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I got mail

mmmm yummy silk noil goodness from Ozeyarn, of course I had to take a photo at dusk, so it looks like a big pile of orange! and yes those are addi turbos...but hush hush, it's ok, the noil isn't slippery like most silk yarn, don't stress.

Here is a link for my Secret Pal...because most of you don't want to read my questionnaire.

And a couple of things that I think are cool, saving money or sick of life in the electronic lane? Pocket-mod is your new friend.Cute fabric, good prices, my neice is so getting something made with the red bunny fabric (rompers, pinafore, sundress...)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I know this much is true...

I have been a negative whiny pain in the arse lately, between the kidney infection, and constant colds, I have become run down and grumpy, so, I have given myself a good talking to:

I will not always live in Oz, so I should damn well make the most of living in this Paradise, and quit missing Godzone (NZ).

I used to work with people who couldn’t work due to illness…not working is more stressful than working, so I need to suck it up or sort it out.

Our kids, my 3, his 2, our 5…we brought them up to be sassy, stroppy, independent young women, so why am I feeling like I have abandoned them…when they are doing what they were brought up to do…and succeeding!

I’m too fat…lose weight, otherwise shut up and buy bigger clothes!

Spring is here, get out in the sunshine and buck up kiddo!

Mag round-up
Knitty – Ella, hands down. I have been wanting to knit a shawl for ages.
Magknits – the "crime of fashion" scarf…with a “police line do not cross” motif…for Charlotte
The new australian Yarn magazine…welcome to our world. This mag promises to be sharp and styley.
The latest issue of "Creative Knitting" is out, I'm afraid I only bought it for the articles (lol) they have brought the magazine to a slightly higher standard than it was, but will have to work harder with "Yarn" at their heels, Ailsa's article is hilarious. (check it out they are discussing Clapotis in the forum there) The Creative knitting crew need to work smarter, many of the links on their stockist page are either non-existent or wrong, which just looks unprofessional.

And to end on a much more positive note than where I started...

Many of you know about my youngest daughter Blaise, living with congenital spinal defects, partially rectified by spinal fusion. So, she signs up for kickboxing...I am dubious, Flash's co-worker does kick boxing and is always breaking some part of her anatomy...I drive Blaise to the local PCYC (like the YMCA, run by the police...great idea) I hand over the completed membership form and $5, he reads through what I have written in the "does your child have any health issues we need to know about" section, and smiles..."you happy for her to do this?" he asks, "does it involve person-on-person contact?" I reply "nope just person-on-bag!"
I say "can't wrap them in cotton wool" and he replies " many people try, and it is really just a prison, your'e a good parent letting her test her boundaries"
I felt like a kid (in a good way) a police man had just given me a gold star!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spice girls

I have to show you the present I received upon Flash’s return home,
A cinnamon tea box…made out of a scroll of cinnamon bark, and lightly carved,(like the dragon one in the centre of the page) doesn’t look very exciting, but the scent is heaven…and the customs man said it was ok, so no fumigation YAY! This was the only thing I wanted from Vietnam (I’m a girl of simple tastes) we are big on spices in our house, our breakfast usually has cinnamon or cloves, the kids add garlic and cumin seeds to the rice they cook for an afternoon snack, nutmeg oil for sprains and strains, orange or peppermint in the burner to uplift us, lavender or sandalwood to calm.

We spent the weekend cleaning like demons (him) and lying on the couch coughing (me), the real estate agent wanted to check the broomcloset (knitting room) for damage from the upstairs leaking washing machine incident of last week, and my husband wanted to make a good impression, so we girls just stayed out of his way while he sprayed and wiped and mopped...we watched dvds, made chocolate fudge cake ( hedgehog slice in Oz), and lavender – honey biscotti ( and knitted socks) now he has the silly head cold thing that I have had for the past week, and has sent himself to bed. P.S. the agent turned up last night, and looked at the knitting room damage…she didn’t really want to inspect the rest of the apartment...she was impressed…he looked like someone had just given him a medal…cute.

I am half-way through a jellybean sock the pattern is from Wise needle,every time I look at it I think it is too wide, but when Blaise tries it on it fits fine, this is my first experience of a toe-up sock, it took a bit of getting my head around the first couple of rows, but wasn’t any more difficult than toe –down, some people have very strong preferences, I’m not fussed, that said, I haven’t got to the cast-off yet! The yarn is colori from Elann…I have not taken to the colours the way I did with their pink/purple combo.

Imogen has been sewn up, just finished the final touches, weaving in of ends and sewing on of ribbon, I pretty happy with it, but there is something,I can’t put my finger on it, it is very figure hugging…maybe the problem is not the cardi…but me…oops that’s a bit deep. I decided to go with the green ribbon, rather than the black, just felt better.

The babysilk for my Corset (with sleeves) has arrived from Elann…it is so soft, with a deep sheen, can’t wait to start, but once again, that is a “wait for the weekend” job, I couldn’t bear to make any mistakes out of fatigue.I have bough Brittany Birch straights and addi bamboo ciculars to make this the ultimate knitting experience. (Ailsa…I haven’t forgotten about the Great australasian corset-along…who else can we get to join us???)

Purchased the “One skein wonder” pattern from the gorgeous Glampyre, and Blaise has decided on some red/pink hand dyed silk noil from Ozeyarns

Behold the power of the Yarn Harlot…14 year old Blaise walks past the laptop…
”whose girl is that ?” she asks ( the picture on the screen is the Harlot’s daughter in her one skein wonder)
“ a knitter/writer from Canada, she has 3 girls too” I reply,
“nice top” says Blaise,
“want one?” I ask,
“yes please…in that pinky, reddy, shiny wool”

"do you want me to teach you how to knit"

"no Mum, I'm just an actor "slash" writer"

Friday, September 09, 2005


Yay! the camera is home ( yay Flash is home too...of course)
so here he is, my proto-type knitted fortune cat...as yet nameless.
The purple thing in his hand is supposed to be a fish, I have bought some purple yarn which apparently will felt better than this did, and I know what little adjustments to make to his shaping...but I like him despite his flaws.

here he is with some of his mates from Japan...I am loathe to say I collect them...but I have about 10...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

what a man!

remember my snakes from february...my 3 wee pit vipers in the Snake Temple in Penang...well my husband just had to go and out do me didn't he...not only does he go to Vietnam without me...but on his cruise down the Me Kong delta...he meets a friend.

as for me, nothing anywhere near as exciting, work, work, work and a head cold, just sock knitting, don't want to wreck any good knitting...oh, and I miss him.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

More rain...

though luckily not inside this time!
It is raining here in Sydney, for the first time in ages, and boy did we need it, I am enjoying standing at the open door and smelling the refreshing scent of rain, instead of fumes and grime, and it has been a perfect excuse for us to stay indoors, in our jammies, the kids with their books, and me with my knitting.

I have managed to get a lot done today, bacon and eggs for breakfast with the kids, a long long bubblebath, finished knitting Imogen , which is blocking all over the lounge floor as I write ( there is an upside to Flash being away, he would be griping and moaning about having to step over all of the towels). I have made a little knitted fortune cat out of lilac baby cashmere, he is about 5 inches high, with a face like a smiling Buddha, he is a delight, but the yarn didn’t felt, so I am going to have to find some non-machinewash wool and have another go, I was really happy with this one, it is nice that he turned out so well, next time I will make some small improvements…ahhh, I can’t wait until Flash gets back from Vietnam…to get the camera back!

On another subject, last weekend I was buying some clothes, and the sales guy said “I bet everyone calls you Bridget Jones” I smiled and said no, but thanks…now I am thinking…was it good or bad…was he saying that I look like fat tart pulled through a bush backwards…or do I look like I would be sexy in big pants? I know that I could stand to lose a few (dozen) pounds…but is it really that bad??? Or is it the English Rose complexion? In which case it is all good…and why do I care??? Oops self-esteem alert...definitely wine o'clock - time to relax in front of a dvd..."Much ado about nothing" I think, enjoy a glass of merlot, and shut out the world.

Ruffled scarf pattern

Ruffled lace scarf ( standard gauge machine knit)

Please adapt this pattern to whatever yarn you have on hand, there are no hard and fast rules, this is just a general guideline. I knitted this for my Nana, just to arrange under a jacket, if you want to wrap it, make the centre section longer.

I used 20g Artisan laceweight yarn in “paua” and 25g laceweight pale pink.

I cast on 6o sts with waste yarn, pull all needles out and e-wrap them with paua yarn
Knit 2 rows ( tension 4 )
Commence lace pattern ( I used a small falling leaves pattern, so that I had a decorative edge)
Work 100 rows.
Change to pale pink yarn
Work 100 rows in a different lace pattern ( I used a florets lace, just a simple 4 hole flower)
Place a marker thread across each 20th row.
Cast off on waste yarn.
Work another piece exactly the same.

Graft the two ends of the scarf together.


With paua yarn follow the first steps of the pattern again, but with 120 sts, knit 10 rows falling leaf lace, cast off on waste yarn, do not remove from the machine, knit 2 paua coloured, and 2 pink coloured. You see how you use an e-wrap, you release each new ruffle, as the previous one is attached to the scarf, and the waste yarn removed.

Attach the ruffles to the scarf in the following manner:
Right side facing.Pick up sts along the width of the scarf where the colours change, use a pink ruffle (right side facing) place 2 stitches on each needle, pull all needles out to HP, knit across from right to left at Tension 10, cast of with a linker, or a latchet hook, to make a chain cast off.

Pick up stitches from the marked rows in the pink section, use paua ruffles.

As you see, this pattern is very adaptable, make it wider or longer, add more ruffles, have fun.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


So, I am sitting at the knitting machine, and I notice a drip, drip, drip...go into the kids bathroom, check the taps...nope, push the shower head down, a trickle of water escapes...ok,
sit down, drip, drip, drip...check the kids toilet, taps off...toilet not leaking...drip, drip, drip, ( I'm feeling like I am reading a children's story right about now) on the ceiling of the kids toilet...hmmm, back to the knitting machine...aha! water on the floor, water on cones of yarn (NOOOOOOO) water in a document box...I look up ( the ceiling is about 20 ft high) and see a crack in the plaster, quite faint, and dripping water. Grab yarn, move books and machine, grab towels, scream for Flash, he rings the super, while I go downstairs and buzz the apartment above us...not home...
The super comes and has a look at the damage...must have been building up for a while he says, we figure from the position, that the leak is in their kitchen pipes, the super goes off to call his boss and check for keys, finally the owner comes home...its the washing machine, it has been flooding for a while "but I didn't think it would cause any damage" people live below you sweetheart...water travels down! (slaps forehead) I didn't hassle her about the yarn...it is acrylic I bought to use as waste yarn anyway...if it had been the denim I would be inconsolable.

Flash left for NZ yesterday, he is staying in Auckland, taking customers to the rugby (insert suitable male sounds of approval) and having a great old time " the people are so friendly" he said this morning "the people are US you ninny" I replied. I haven't exactly made a secret of the fact that I miss home..have I ? it's not that I don't like Oz...love it, love the heat, the action, the flora and fauna, the people, the food...but I miss my friends and family, so I am very jealous that he is there, and I am here...so I have ameliorated my feelings by spending money( as you do)

I bought the pattern for this:

from here by Paypal ( have just joined and am loving it!)
I looked at the Artyarn Regal, and it is beautiful, but couldn't find a colourway to suit me in this garment, so I ended up going to Elann and buying 26 balls of Peruvian baby silk in black to make the corset with full length sleeves, ( here is an example, but I'll make them straight) as a winter evening top, I think it will great with a long full skirt, I have one from Verge in olive taffetta and black net in vertical stripes which will team up nicely.

The week has been a hectic one, the boss left on friday for 5 weeks overseas, so I am in need of some quiet and relaxation. SSK this afternoon, DVDs and Thai with the girls tonight, I want to fit in some (light) cleaning, a bubblebath and lots of knitting...still have Imogen's last sleeve waiting for me.