Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Why would a "punk rock girl" have flowers in her hair?

And why in the performance of "Black fingernails - red wine" that I saw on tv recently, did the lead singer say "omo" is this the beginning of product placement in songs?

Why did my blog get 600 hits last tuesday?

Did it have anything to do with Yoga socks ? because I have been getting a lot of emails about them this week.

No, sorry, I can't knit them for you.

yes I know that you are busy.

Yes it would have been on my statcounter - but I didn't check it until friday, and it only records the details of the last 100 pageloads.

Yes I may have to upgrade.

Why is it that every time we organise to go away lately - it gets cancelled at the last minute?

How am I going to live without Deus coffee?

How have I lived without Atomic coffee for the past 2 years?

I think I just answered my own question...

Where can I get Koigu in Oz? What are we going to do about Knitpicks?

Why did my alarm go off at 5.27 am? Have I forgotten something?

Why does the thought of having to shift again make me feel queasy - and speaking to moving company representatives makes me physically ill? (truly - this is a tell all blog)

What are the inhabitants of Bougainville called? Isn't it too hot to wear black jeans there?

How did I accumulate this much sock yarn?

What if they lose it? I'm going to have to catalogue every ball aren't I?

I'm feeling nauseous again.

Is it wrong to covet a Prada wallet?

It is small...but perfectly formed.

And when Tiffany's say "we don't sell jewellery - we sell the blue box" why can't you just buy the bloody blue box?

What is it about the blue box?

"Babies are a wonderful way to start people" yes I agree - but bunnies would be a wonderful way to end them, or kitties...can we start genetically engineering people to be cute and cuddly when they age?

Why was Boston Legal on so late? Was it so that I would have to buy the DVD?

and why does Bones seem to be on at a different time every week? to keep me on my toes?

or to make me buy the DVD?

trimmed the tree yet?