Wednesday, February 27, 2008


when I am not working, knitting or parenting I do other things...I garden, trawl Ravelry, google for the cat version of Supernanny ("why does my cat come into my bed at 3 am and bite me? how do I put him into timeout when his claws are embedded in my thigh?") bake (I'm getting my baking mojo back, now that I'm planning a new kitchen) and experiment with "other crafts"

this last week I have "mostly been making" cushions - out of the wool blankets I brought back from the cottage, and I'm very happy with the results - cuddly, cosy and soft, a nice new look for the lounge, and as Flash said "I like it when you make things for our house" awwwwwww!

The labels are saved from over the years - a friend's fashion range label, the school badge I designed when the kids were at primary school, the labels from the blankets themselves, odd bits and pieces which felt right.

now I just have to finish making some draught excluders from some leftover bits of blanket and a couple of thrifted swannies and then winter...bring it on!