Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dear Secret Pal...

Thank you , thank you!
Blaise and I picked up my parcel from the super, and brought it upstairs, where it sat on the bench waiting until we had finished all the little coming home chores, so that we could then sit down and give it the attention it deserved.

I noticed the name on the front so, I know your name but I don't know who you are!!! so tell me quick.

I took my time, enjoying the process, the anticipation, and the gifts are wonderful, I have wanted to try the bamboo yarn for ages, and it is just the perfect shade for me, the baking chips...yippee my family thank you! because they know that I will be baking soon :-), the darling wee tape measure...everthing gorgeous...I am taking to my bed when I finish this post, with the magazine and salt water taffy...what a way to de-stress.

This has been my first secret pal round, it is a lovely idea, Blaise and Flash have helped me choose gifts for my giftee, and enjoyed watching me open the gifts from my giftor, it has been a lovely experience for all of us.

now missy, TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!!!!!