Wednesday, May 04, 2005


2 days down, 4 to go...I'm looking down the barrel of a six day week...have been knitting on mindless projects ( will elucidate later) as am too braindead to do anything else!

Secret pal 4 is over so I can reveal the person I have been pal to...(drum roll please) this is Tanya, (who guessed me!) she lives in Florida ( so not much call for wool yarns!) and has more movie knowledge in her little toe than I have ever had! ( her site has been useful, I have been able to steal comments about movies like "Sideways" that I never would have thought of for myself...kudos Tanya!) I enjoyed the secret pal process...(except for having a package sent back by customs) so a big THANK-YOU to the gracious souls who did all of the hard work.

Found this while wandering the net this a.m. I have to get me some of these stickers, parking is fascinating near where I live! you wonder what goes through people's minds, must take my camera out with me to work one morning.