Tuesday, May 24, 2005


and I don't know how long it will last...but here I am!

we (Flash and I) thought long and hard about our phone connection...the pain of getting the phone and internet connected has dimmed with time, and we had forgotten the abject horror inherent in dealing with "teleservices providers" in Oz, and so we decided with light hearts and not a brain between us...to enter a Telstra shop...dumb dumb dumb.

We had thought...(erroneously, I have now discovered) that since we were paying Optus $40 a week to connect us via Telstra to Bigpond (owned by telstra) that if we took out the middleman we would have cheaper bills and faster internet....it has not worked out that way....oh no, not by a long looong shot, no no no.

We have higher bills, despite the promises made by the telstra "dude"because we make weekly calls to NZ ( we told him that) we have slower internet 28.8 compared to 38...no one cane explain that...but of course it is my laptop, my connection, my setup, my system....when i talk to them to ask them to explain, i keep expecting one of them to just start going "yeah but yeah but yeah" like the teenage girl on "Little Britain"

and I've been sick
everyone keeps telling me its the 'flu and I should stay home.
I'm going to the Dr for a second opinion.

and all you machine knitters ( who are still waiting for the manly vest pattern....(yeah but yeah but yeah but yeah) just wait a bit longer, and I have been a bit maniacal with machine knitted socks of late, so grab all of your sock wool, ( give 3 or 4 balls to a good friend for safekeeping...cos you want a bit to hand knit with....cos believe me...machine knit socks are very addictive) and I will post a pattern or two

fingers crossed that this post goes thru, it has taken me an hour to navigate blogger ( not bloggers fault)