Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Noro made me do it...

Flash is off home to Auckland soon, (lucky bugger)taking some customers to a Bledisloe Cup game at Eden Park, rugby is not my thing (I'm just not a team player) but I thought I would make him a styley scarf, so he doesn't have to wear a nasty acrylic one. Magknits short row scarf ( like the one I made myself) in Noro Iro colour 47.

Made a knitting needle case for Holly, will give it to her later this year when she comes over for the holidays, (or the "Holly-days" as they were known when she was younger)I have been making a care package for her, hopefully by the time she goes back to Uni I will have finished 5 pairs of wool socks, and a couple of pairs of mittens and gloves. The outside is some chambray from Trelise Cooper's 2003 collection, the inside is red flannel (I like the idea of keeping the needles cosy) and some novelty wine bottle fabric ( for the degree in wine science) the (over-exposed- as is every photo taken in this terrarium we call an apartment) white patches are calico printed with quotes: "wine is bottled poetry", "I like making a peice of string into something I can wear" and the knitting mermaid of course.

everytime I make one of these I learn more and more about what to change for next time!