Sunday, August 28, 2005

snake man!

Today Flash, Blaise and I went for a hike at La Perouse, we needed the fresh air

not a terribly long or strenuous hike, we walked about 6 km, over two hours, but had a great time, clambering over rocks and dodging waves...until we rounded a corner and there was a naked man sunbaking.."oops sorry" said I...why ? I don't know...just the shock I suppose! The thing about being new in a that you don't know where the nudie beaches are...well now we Blaise said "I'm just looking down following your shoes!" We then walked across the not nudie beach, up the hill to one of my favourite aussies... the Snake Man...

( I didn't notice the woman freaking out when I took the photo!)

he is a guy who has a show every sunday, and educates the general public about snakes and lizards,( I come from NZ snakes...nope not one, not even in the zoo) I love snakes, from the snake man I have learnt: carry an elastic bandage every time you go near the bush ( I have one in my backpack always), not to put my hand near a Goanna ( big aussi lizard), to identify 5 of the most dangerous snakes, to check before I jump over a log or rock in the bush, and many other things. The first book I bought when we hit these red shores was "Don't die in the bush" my family are hikers from way back, but, heck there nothing compared with the frisson of knowing that you could just meet something deadly while going for a walk.

This is a goanna, the native australians ( and probably a few other people) eat them, when they bite they don't let go. (note the python escaping from his box in the background)

As for knitting content, Imogen's sleeve was finished today, one more to go and the blocking begins, some sockage - getting closer to that total for Holly, (who phoned today and told me that she had just bought some Opal wool, some 3mm dpns,and was making socks for Blaise) Flash's scarf is finished, and is blocking, all will be well for his visit home on friday.

"Home, home, where I wanted to go" The Message , Coldplay.