Saturday, August 27, 2005

something to dip

Today I was supposed to go to Wollongong, but the fates conspired against me, and I spent a lot of quality time with 2 food poisoning victims, and the washing machine. I drove to Broadway and picked up "Machine knitting monthly" ( much improved) and spent the day washing and working on the black lace cardi ( now named: Imogen) By late this afternoon I figured the bug had bypassed me, and decided it was time to cook, Flash of the (usually) cast iron stomach, asked for bread and dips so here we are:

Dukkah, before blender

In a medium pan toast 1/2 cup whole almonds, when crunchy, 1/4 cup add sunflower seeds, toast for a minute or so, then 2 T coriander seed, 2 t cumin seed, 2 T sesame seed, toast for another minute. Take off the heat, leave to cool for 2 minutes, then add 1/4 t each paprika, pepper and salt if desired.Stir ( this ensures the ground spices are toasted but not burnt. Leave to cool then blend to your liking ( we like it chunky)

We are using garlic flavoured avocado oil, dunk bread in oil, then dukkah...yummy.

Capsicum dip, prior to blender once again.

2 whole red capsicums cut into slices, 8 roma tomatoes quartered, 1chilli de-seeded, 8 cloves of garlic, pour olive oil over and bake for a few hours at a med-low heat, stir occasionally, cool, then blend to your liking.

Et Voila! little bread loaves, and dips...wheres the pinot gris?