Sunday, October 01, 2006

Holiday mode

Charlotte is here, Blaise and Maria sprung the fact that they were on holidays BEFORE the holidays officially started - due to the fact that they weren't required at school if they didn't have exams...whatever happened to studying in the library??? Maria's school drives me nuts, she starts, and gets home at a different time every day, and is never at school for 6 hours, I know I am painting myself as a control freak here, but I do like to have a set amount of time to get on with my work and not have to worry about someone making a snack (and a mess) or wanting laundry done etc. the school says that it is trying to get the kids used to a routine more like University - where they are responsible for their time - but I prefer the old-fashioned "from 8.30-3.30" approach. Flash has been on holiday too - so you can imagine I haven't had much peace, so I gave in and am going with the flow... which led us to the Australian Reptile park on thursday.

This park is an hours drive from home, and is set in parklike bushland, the day was warm and peaceful, we had a great time wandering around admiring the Alligator pond, playing with kangaroos, bravely getting up close and personal with spiders, the keepers gave talks every hour, and these were relaxed and interesting, they answered our questions and came up afterwards to answer many more and to let Charlotte play with the snakes

the animals are well cared for, and the park is actively involved in the creation of anti-venom for snake and spider bite, the is no anti-venom for baby alligator bite, which is why the girls pulled their dangling legs up onto the wall when Rosie decided to go for a walk around the show arena.
Knitting for fun has temporarily ceased, since I got it into my head that I wanted to design my own lace shawl, luckily commonsense prevailed and that project has been shelved until the household returns to some semblance of normalcy, whatever that is? I have finished all gift knitting, much of which is blocking, and all work related knitting for this week has been packed and posted, it's all good!