Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the picnickers

Buffalo creek reserve in Hunter's Hill offers sanctury from the busy-ness of Sydney on a holiday afternoon.

Flash caught up on reading, Blaise is always writing, and I knitted...for a change?

We sat under a picnic shelter, covered the table with our individual projects and a lunch of chicken chilli and lime sausages, homemade organic tomato herb seed bread, and apples, and twisted our bodies in order to thrust our legs into the glorious sunshine.

Aussie natives: Grevillea, bottlebrush and waratah.

Excuse my absences of late, I am trying to unravel the intricacies of changing webhost, DNS nameservers and where they are pointing, uploading using frontpage versus ftp. Knitting for fun: string shopping bags from "String and air" using Handpainted yarns Himalaya cotton - it is too harsh (in my opinion) for garments (almost the texture of white string) but perfect for string bags - I'm getting a head start on Christmas!, I have also been experimenting with their laceweight merino - absolutely beautiful, sooooo soft that it feels as though it has a cashmere component, still handwash only - but perfect for those heirloom garments.