Sunday, January 14, 2007

catching up

The Bate’s Motel

Our flight into Auckland was delayed, thus arriving almost an hour late, so it was almost 10.30 when we met our cab drivers, who had waited patiently for us.

We should have found it strange that neither of our Corporate drivers had been to these serviced apartments before, they are situated in a nice part of town, 2 minutes from the city.

On arrival at the apartments we found our keys had been taped to the office door – the owners left every evening. The drivers unloaded our bags and left them in the carpark, watched on by numerous curious residents, we then hauled all 16 bags up a flight of stairs and gasped as we saw our rooms…breeze block walls (cinder block) stained ceilings, furniture that had seen much better days, covered in numerous dubious stains, rotten boards in the bathroom…we showed the girls how to lock their door, and then we pounced upon the Yellow pages, and made a list. Next morning (after replacing their pillowcases with our own…) we awoke bright and early and started phoning around to find a replacement motel (unfortunately the PA who had found the motel in the first place, was fooled as we were by the photos which had obviously been taken 20 years previously) eventually we booked ourselves into a nice, clean centrally located motel, sighs of relief all round.

That was then a week ago, this is now…
Just Jussi garments are a prize in the NZ Woman’s Weekly on sale this week ! this is major advertising for the cost of 8 garments, I am very happy.

We did an inspection of our new house yesterday, and are even happier than we were when we bought it, I cannot wait to move in, and after days like today in Auckland – the pool is looking very inviting.
especially after the high temperatures today, we spent the day at Piha - photos to follow.

I am working on a new blog for Just Jussi knitwear, then I can concentrate on my other knitting, making, family and friends on this blog.
I am in a kind of limbo at present, tomorrow I will tell you all why I am feeling like "I am the only knitter in this village"