Thursday, January 25, 2007

Look at me!

I'm Frasier, I'm 10 weeks old and get to go home to my new family in 2 weeks time, hopefully they will be ready for me. I have just found out that I will have an adopted sister, the same age as me! Charlotte's black shorthair kitten Layla has been accepted into the family, today she went to the vet to make sure she has no nasty bugs - the vet fell in love with her, she is cute and smoochy and talks a lot, just like me.

Justine is still running around like a crazy woman - Flash is off on work retreats - lucky bum, but it's all good, moving day is next tuesday - they better have my room ready!

Here's another photo for you to be going on with, to show you all my cool spots (excuse the lack of cropping - the mouse died - thats my breeder Mum holding me, she has the coolest house, full of Bengals and Maine Coons)