Tuesday, January 09, 2007

we're baaaaa-ack

we are home, safe and well, we have had some adventures in the past few days, and I will enlighten you when I can. Internet access is very patchy at present, but will improve shortly.

Many stories to tell, so will try to organise my thoughts and give each the time it deserves.

The first motel...horror story

The vehicle...romance

Frasier...our new baby

ok, I'll show you a couple of photos of Frasier's Dad, just to give you an idea.

His name is "Rebel" he is a brown spotted Bengal - here is what the International Bengal Cat society have to say "The Bengal is a medium to large domestic feline that originates from crossings of the small Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) to the domestic cat in an attempt to create a companion with an "exotic" look but a domestic temperament. After four to five generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, the breed is recognized for championship competition by most international domestic cat associations including TICA, ACFA, GCCF, and AACE."

Frasier is just 7 weeks old, and while we spent 2 hours playing with 6 baby bengals, I completely forgot to take photos, even of our little one, after he chose us. His markings are pretty much the same as his Dad's, even down to the red around his head and legs. He will come home a couple of weeks after we move into our new house (at the end of the month) and I will finally be able to post kitty porn!