Tuesday, February 27, 2007

all tied up

well this has taken a while - no? when did we leave Oz?...January 3, we applied for Broadband around January 14...advised them we were moving in January 30...and joy of joys today, this minute I am finally sitting at my own desk, on my own laptop connected to the interknit.

I don't know where to start, it has been so long since I could surf with abandon, I need to check in, see where people have been, what they have been up to, what's hot right now, what's not.

In the meantime, the business is ticking over despite the lack of internet, a photographer came today for a photo for the Herald business section - a lovely (knitter) journalist came and interviewed me for her story on the Made from NZ campaign even though I warned her I'm really a teeny-tiny business (with big plans) but she said that was fine, and trekked out to Titirangi, and met Frasier, who promptly fell asleep in her lap endearing himself forever.

The Knit-Rangers are ready for a meetup, just have to decide...everything! time/day/venue, but we have a couple of members via Meetup, and a couple of locals who have expressed an interest, so now I am "back" I can organise that.

I have also been playing with Organic dyes, a tutorial is literally only hours away.