Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Layla and Frasier show

yes it's me again,broadband still not in residence but getting closer...we now have a dedicated adsl jackpoint thanks to the lovely telecom man who visited last thursday, now we are awaiting delivery of a new router which will not happen while I am here in Christchurch, and the final "switch" to be thrown to actually connect us ( it has got to the point where whenever I imagine that moment I see a bearded man in coat tails brandishing an outlandishly large pair of scissors as he awaits the moment - when he will cut the red ribbon fluttering in front of him and the assembled crowds - hurrah! the Broadband is connected - hurrah!)

Flash has coined a new pseudo-medical term for this semi-connected, semi-delusional state I am currently inhabiting, my feelings of being slightly lost and disjointed, the feeling that there is .something. missing. he says that I am "unplugged from the matrix" and he is correct, I miss my cyber social life, wandering the virtual neighbourhood visiting my friends - has the cold cleared up? how was the first day of school? the baby must have grown a lot, how did that green wool knit up? how was SSK? It is wonderful catching up with family and friends, but half my life is unreachable at present except for the slightest of contact - I am thankful that I have been able to maintain my business suring this time - but there is a lot of updating work to do there.
Holly and I returned to Christchurch today, she starts Uni tomorrow, and I am here until wednesday, when she will move into her flat, this time we know what to do, where to go, what to expect. I am looking forward to spending some quality hours in secondhand bookshops and antiques shops tomorrow, wandering the unspoilt goodwill stores with their treasures of hand embroidered tea towels and candlewick bedspreads. I will be searching for "The Loving stitch" which has been been discontinued, but should be available somewhere in this country! it will make a good companion to my copy of "Thrift to fantasy" a beautiful and expansive book describing domestic crafts from NZ's history. Christchurch still provides good hunting for those of us on the lookout for vintage treasures.
I was going to post photos of my workroom, I am so happy with it, the light, space and wonderful views, but unfortuantely it is presently marred with a 7 foot tall "cat tree", as this is Frasier's "quiet" space for when he needs time out - hopefully it will move to a less conspicuous part of the house soon! oh I can't wait until our lives are just slightly quieter - just for a mum says that the drama only stops when you die...and even then it continues, but you no longer care! but have i told you about the washer and dishwasher? hmm yes I think so... the brand new bed which broke the first time we slept in it (don't think those thoughts, we were just sleeping...too tired!) (1/16th inch steel - should have been 1/8th used to make the centre brace and slats with huge knots - not a good combination)the flooding dishwasher? the fact that the house had obviously not been cleaned for a long time and I still keep discovering pockets of "ick"...but have I told you about my new herb garden, the fence Flash put up to keep the kitties safely in the entertaining areas, the evenings spent languishing in the spa with a wine, the stars, and my dear husband, the native tuis with their beautiful liquid song, (see one here at youtube)the utter quiet and peace after living on that intersection on Parramatta Road, the big blue LandRover Discovery sitting in my (steeeeeep) driveway, and those aforementioned kitties:

(yarn? what yarn?)


I'm not really biting the zombie baby...