Tuesday, February 13, 2007

well this is boring

yes we are still sans internets, Telstra Clear have told us that they would be delighted to have us as customers, but it will take "about a week" for us to be connected, that was over a week ago, we are on kiwi time for sure.

The unpacking has finally ended - now the rearranging begins, we have only lost 3 lampshades, which is ok, because I was planning on knitting some, and I am sure that when that project has been completed the missing ones will be found - it's all good. We have received a quote to have our appliances repaired, thank goodness the weather has been good, and that we have Charlotte's washing machine (which will one day be my felting washing machine) so washing has not been troublesome. I have started work on the herb garden, and have loads of little vegie seedlings ready to go in when I have made a bed for them, I was standing in the garden hanging the washing out in my bare feet, and remarked to Flash that I hadn't had my barefeet on mud for more than 2 years, it felt nice.

A blogiversary and my 39th birthday have passed the blog by, the birthday was wonderful, Flash bought me a wheel cover for the LandRover, and a matching keyring, and Mum bought me a company registration and some number plate surrounds with justjussi.com on them, which look to have already brought me some business! and of course Frasier came home. No photos because I am not on my laptop, but we have heaps, he is personality plus, he just can't-sit-still! he is in your face, smooching and loving, playing, tearing around like a mad thing, and telling you all about it in his lion cub voice, last night he helped his Dad build the home theatre system for upstairs - he has to have a say in everything, Layla is not impressed, so they haven't met properly yet, but she is becoming more curious about him, so hopefully it won't be long, she is only a couple of weeks older than him, so we'll just take it easy and not push them.

The girls are back at school, and Holly and I are dropping her car off at the car transporters today, it was just too much to think about driving it to Christchurch, so we are flying down on Sunday to do the whole Uni thing again, at least this year we have a better idea of what we are doing, and I will have room in my suitcase for all of the op shop bargains!

I am still feeling out of it, but much closer to getting back in!