Wednesday, June 08, 2005

flying visits

I haven't posted for a while,my Mama arrived early saturday morning, from Auckland, she exited the airport blinking in the sunlight, apparently the weather in Auckland has not been exactly ...pleasant. I love my Mum, she is gorgeous inside and out, I often think there is a secret"woman manual" ( a how to the one we don't get when the kids are born...but how to deal with men, make up, mean people, and the bikini line) and that she got to read it, she is suberbly competent at everything, dresses beautifully, and is nice.

On saturday we dropped Blaise at her class, wandered around the Rocks Market, and had lunch, then to David Jones and Myer ( her natural habitat) stopped briefly at Tapestry, for the sale, but nothing "grabbed" me, got noodles for dinner, and spent the night in, due to the behaviour of a child who will remain nameless for now...thats a whole other post.
Sunday we went to Berowra Waters for lunch, Flash loves the car ferry there, so he was happy, it was very beautiful and the food was good, spent most of Sunday staring in disbelief at each other, re the behaviour of the child who will remain nameless.

Monday, Nana and Blaise went to the art gallery, the museum, David Jones, and had a great day, the nameless child went to school in disgrace. Flash went to Adelaide to deliver some training, glad to get out of the fray!
Yesterday Mama and I wandered Leichardt, and Balmain/Rozelle, we found a wee shop selling 50gram skeins of silk for $15 each, I have to go back and get some, the colours were exquisite.
We also went out to Reynolds Brothers in Carlton, as they are closed on the weekend so i never get to get there, WOW! it was an Aladdin's cave of wonder for a Machine knitter! I bought a sponge bar and needles, some cheap yarn from the sale bin ( will post pics when Flash returns with the camera) and some Denim yarn in medium and light blue, it is 2 ply cotton, and apparently wears like denim, I can't wait to start playing with it. I can see a cable vest for Flash, or even an interesting wrap to wear with jeans...hmmm, I was so glad to finally get to the place, they mail order so now at least I can buy decent machine yarn finally.Denim socks???...