Sunday, June 19, 2005


Flash is home, he has been away in Perth all week, meeting with the illuminati, and spending time with his son ( which meant spending his evenings holding up the bar in various pubs while trying to hold a conversation with his 26 year old sons friends) he was rather over pubs when he got home.
Blaise and Maria and I had a splendid week despite his absence, actually we regard his frequent trips away as an occasion to go a little crazy ( Blaise is rolling her eyes reading this, apparently I am always a little crazy) I recklessly forget to take “something out of the freezer for dinner” so we end up at Thai on Wok or Franks Pizza, we herd the dust bunnies, studiously ignore the soap scum in the shower, and the only housework that gets done is the washing and the dishes, we can do this in the full knowledge that Flash will fix it when he gets home.

As Maria (the child who wouldn’t be named…she is 16, had an unauthorized party, with alcohol, and 50 teenagers, on the roof of our building ( deposit taken by caretaker) it lasted 1.5 hours before her father and I went up to check on her and her “ best friend Chrissy who was coming over for a swim and a spa” and sent everyone packing) is grounded for “a very long time” her and Blaise walk to my work every afternoon, and spend an hour or so (drinking milo and eating bikkies) doing homework,and I have had the car, so after work we have been on lots of little adventures.
On Thursday night Maria was working so Blaise and I went into town, she was very patient as I wandered around Tapestry, and spent 10 minutes in line with me as I waited to pay for 3 spools of knitting in elastic for socks, very difficult when you are standing next to the Noro, she wants a skein for petting, so I suppose I had better knit her some Kureyon mittens, but I don’t know when she will ever wear them…maybe to ice-skating! As I finally got to the head of the queue I noticed the new needle display, and asked for some rosewood dpns…Blaise gave me “the look” and the assistant noticed and looked to me for guidance “I’ll take them” said I, and to Blaise “they will be heirlooms, you can have them when I die”…at least we provided some comic relief to the queue.

As for knitting this week…well work has been interfering with my knitting again, but I managed to knit 1/3 of a sock at the conference I attended on Thursday, that’s the sock pic, Opal Elementale, for the Hollymonster, I have found some great sock yarns online here, look at this, and this!! But I have made a promise to Flash that I will use at least ½ of my sockyarn stash before I buy more…so I am just looking at present ( and making my list) everyone is getting socks this Christmas.

While waiting for Blaise to finish her drama class yesterday, I knitted up some of the Ozeyarn handpainted silk that I have had languishing in the broom closet studio, I wanted to make a lacy wrap to wear to Flash’s next work “do” (work “don’t”, pleeease can I stay home, pleeeease) so in the end decided that “Old shale” was the ideal stitch pattern to show up the colours- “Black range blues” I have knitted this much, and it is very easy going, but am now wondering if I should have knitted in beads at the beginning to make the wrap hang better…I am in a dilemma, to frog or not to frog…I think I will frog, and see what the beads look like.

The baby cardis are complete, just awaiting the sewing on of the ribbons, but you think I can get around to it? No of course not, I’m too busy fluffing around to spend 5 minutes sewing on ribbon…maybe if I schedule it in the blackberry…I always obey it at work! I am not going to say “oh I wish I had more time for myself”, because 4 months ago, I was wishing I had a job as I had too much time on my hands, wish I could strike a balance though.

Still trying to work out the bugs in the “no seams baby cardi” it is on the back burner, but have had some cute ideas. Anyway, it is Sunday morning, time to go for a wander with my husband and kids and get some relaxation in before it all starts again tomorrow.