Tuesday, June 14, 2005

working week

awoke to another lovely day in Sydney, Flash and Blaise got up at 5.30 to go for a walk, and I lay in bed daydreaming about flowers to knit for my neice's next (slightly bigger) cardi, and is there a way to get rid of the purl row on the machine knit socks, and a great way to knit the baby cardi as one peice, except for the sleeve seam, need to remember to put paper and pen next to the bed, for when the clever ideas hit, isn't it always the way, you work out a great technique, but later on that day you can't remember it!
We had a nice long weekend, I dyed my hair back to closer to it's original ( if you don't count the grey!) strawberry blonde, which I feel a lot more comfortable with. Flash and I drove out to Brighton, as I have to go to a conference there this week, and wasn't too hot on the directions, even though it isn't too far away, I don't drive often, had nice coffee and cheesecake, and a walk on the beach, not bad for winter.