Wednesday, June 22, 2005

sugar bowl cover wrap???

I have continued experimenting with the beading on the wrap, have decided to keep them on the “wrong side” but knitting in on the cast-on row, using a cable cast on, this way they dangle just to the back of the cast on, but still show, knitted onto the “right side” it looked a bit too much like a sugar bowl cover for my liking! (They look great in the right place, see this lovely pattern, I am tempted to take up crochet, wouldn’t it be lovely to take some time, to sit with a friend and have a real tea party, with the bone china, the teapot, sugar tongs…the last time I was at a tea party I had to share with 3 teddies, a bunny and Barbie, while Blaise played house) I am really happy with the way it is turning out, I was thinking I should do something a bit more adventurous with it, like adding a different lace stitch or sophisticated shaping, or something, but I like the way the colours work, and maybe it is better to keep it simple.
The yarn is 100% hand painted silk, and knits beautifully on bamboo needles; it is waaaay too slippery for metal or even casein, but a dream on the bamboo, it is soft and doesn’t split, I expect it will run through the machine well, but won’t try until I have finished this project.