Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fortune Cat Pattern

Fortune Cat “Pattern”

Here are my guys,
as before, don't flame me if there is a problem, just tell me what you think needs fixing,trust your instincts. Stuff his head and part of his body he can be a glove puppet, make his legs longer, make his ears longer he can be a bunny...experiment!

I ran out of yarn half way through making the bigger kitty, and his face is crooked, in too much of a hurry to get this pattern posted!
Get some DK ( if you want a smaller kitty use thinner yarn and needles, for a bigger kitty, thicker yarn and needles, my little guy is 4ply alpaca/cashmere, the big one is handpainted yarns bulky) thickness wool ( something which will felt)
We are basically going to make a little sock with no heel
With size 3mm – 4.5 mm dpns cast on 36 sts (use a provisional cast on if you are clever)
Work in rounds for about 2 cm, place marker at last st (or note last stitch)
Arms: we are going to put little armhole markers in, just like a thumb marker for mittens.
The last stitch is the middle back stitch.
Knit 10 sts, using waste yarn (smooth strong yarn), knit 5 stitches, knit 6 sts with main yarn, knit 5 sts waste yarn, knit to end with main yarn.
Continue to work rounds for 3 cm (total length 5 cm)
Legs: work as for arms.
Base: dec as follows:k 1 row
k4 k2tog 6 x
K3 k2tog 6 x
K2 k2tog 6 x
K1 k2tog 6 x
K2tog 6 x
if you are using fine yarn you might want to add a row of plain between each decrease row.
Cut thread and pull through remaining stitches, pull tight and secure, leave a length of yarn about 15 cm long.

Pick up 36 sts at cast on edge of body – except for 5 sts either side of centre back st, cast these on normally – to leave a gap in the back for stuffing.(See photo)
Knit in rounds for 2 cm.
Counting from centre back, knit sts 27 and 28 together. (nose) finish round,
Knit one round.
then decrease by knitting together 2 sts each side of that centre front stitch.
Knit 1 round
Next round decrease again, knit together 2 sts on the outside of the previous decreased sts ( you are making a “V” shape)
K 2 rows.
Knit in rounds until head measures 5 cm.
Dec for head: 18 sts back of head
13 sts front of head
Next round:from centre back, knit 8 sts, k2tog, k to last 10sts, k2tog, k to end
continue until 4 sts between decs.
graft to sts rem at front, or turn inside out.
Pick up 5 sts along sloping cast off, knit 2 rows garter st, dec 1 st beginning next and each row until 1 st rem, pull thread through.
Embroider face be careful not to carry the black yarn across back of work, as will show through.

Arms and legs: pull waste yarn out carefully, pick up sts and pick up 2 sts each side (or as many as necessary to avoid holes)and work rounds for (2 cm legs) (3 cm arms), dec by k2tog all sts, k 1 row pull yarn through stitches, secure.

Embroider the insides of the ears, and the foot paws with brightly coloured yarn.
Decorate with embroidered or chrocheted flowers, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Cut out a disc of plastic (e.g. ice cream container) about 6cm in diameter, make a little hole in the centre ( thick enough for a yarn needle), thread a yarn needle with the yarn from the bottom of the body, place the disc inside the body, pull the yarn through the centre, and secure by threading through a button a few time, and tying off, make sure the disc is centre, and provides a flat base for the body.

Stuff the arms and legs first, make sure they are well stuffed before stuffing the body, and finally the head. Make sure that the fortune cat is firm and well stuffed.
Sew up the back opening. Tie a piece of yarn around the neck, pulling it until the head is the desired shape, tie off.

Embroider the arm paws with 3 lines to delineate the fingers ( toes?)

Make a little fish by knitting a tube, then knitting little fins on it (like the ears) stuff well and sew to a paw.
Raise the right hand paw, and secure with a few sts to the side of the head.

Place in a lingerie bag or pillowcase with a towel ( to weigh it down as kitty will float in washing machine)

Place in hot wash with soap, check after a few minutes, then check every few minutes until felted to your liking, put through the rest of the rinse cycle ( in cold water) to spin the water out. Squish into shape, leave to dry.

When dry hang a bell or some chinese or Japanese coins around his neck with a ribbon.

Would look great in brightly coloured hand dyed yarn, or maybe white with embroidered cherry blossoms, make bigger or smaller now that you have the idea.