Sunday, October 23, 2005

the week that was

thursday was great! I put myself under house arrest, only going out to post urgent packages, the rest of the time I locked myself away in the broom cupboard, I made most of a cropped lace cardi, finished Jason's socks (finally)

(Opal elements, in a not so masculine colourway...but everyone around here agrees that he is secure and wearing purple, lilac and pink will not trouble him)

and played around with some secret projects...unfortunately this

(Singer Bulky 8...eight gauge knitting machine) did not arrive until first thing friday morning, I had 5 minutes to gaze upon it before I had to leave for work...and unfortunately, gaze is all I have done since, as too many other projects have been calling out to be completed before I go down this whole new track.

Projects like this:

a mini duffel bag to complement the dpn needle roll, this bag holds a 100g ball of yarn, and the pockets hold the pattern, needles and other sundries, unfortunately the pic is over-exposed due to the ever present sun in our lounge,

but it sure beats old sock project bag!

Yesterday I went to the Tapestry sale, Donni came up from Wollongong, and parked in my carspace, and got to visit the broom closet in person, she also proved to Flash that other seemingly normal looking women are as obsessed with yarn as I am. We met up with Donna in the deserted yarn store, hardly a soul to be livened up a bit, however there was no pushing, shoving or scrapping over yarn, no blood drawn...almost disappointing! I bought 20 balls of a stock standard 50/50 alpaca/wool for something for Flash, a couple of balls of Bambi in black for work socks (for Flash as well) some Heritage 4 ply tweed (80% wool, 20% nylon) perfect sock yarn, and some NZ kidsilk in a sea blue...for lazing around socks for moi. Donna has the pics...I am no longer apologising for the way I look in photos. After a stop in the QVB for re-fuelling, and picking up Lisa G on the way, we wandered to of my favourite places to empty my purse....I bought Alterknits which is interesting, and this cute wee book of felt animals, had to buy it for the lemurs

aren't they cuuuute! Lovely to spend some time with other knitters, the ideas flowed. I didn't see my secret Pal there though...I was looking for her, I thought it would be fun.

Today Flash and I spent a couple of hours lazing in the sun at the botanical gardens, nothing like Sydney in the summer.