Saturday, October 01, 2005

News of the day

You may now knit on flights in NZ...go on, do it for me.

I have committed a spot of light housekeeping on the blog, although I have a gift for confusion, I decided not to maintain it here, so have sorted the free patterns into “hand” and “machine” knit.
(by the kids once had a PC game, sort of like Pokemon, some of the animals had the power of "confusion" so what I had thought was an annoying personality trait is actually a superpower! I'm going to waylay you with my power of confusion, bewilder you into submission...ok shut up now Justine)

Although I have been machine knitting for about 12 years now ( I started when I was a mere child…cough cough) and have managed to make a living out of it on occasion, I do not consider myself an expert, I know how to do what I know how to do, luckily for those interested in finding out more about machines (Donni…Ailsa…) there are some good resources online ( and offline – Machine knitting clubs abound.) my friends Sonia and Lucia have excellent info and tutorials on their sites, they are very patient and explain concepts and techniques thoroughly (unlike me) this article this week from Knitter’s review has good points for those considering buying a machine, and has confirmed my decision to by a mid-gauge machine…I have always used a standard gauge, and have been hankering after a chunky…but having knitted on a chunky at tech…realise that it really isn’t what I want, because I want to knit double knitting /worsted weight, and this doesn’t work well on a chunky as there aren’t enough needles.

I am going to look around a bit more, get some information from the local machine suppliers (e.g. prices) and try to make my mind up, I have an old electronic which uses Mylar sheets, which I find annoying, I would prefer to use Designaknit, but am not sure wether to get a new standard gauge, or a midgauge electronic…because I want to knit thicker yarns…but I am worried that when I have the Designaknit system I will actually want to knit more in the thinner yarns…dilemmas…but I have heard that the Singer system is modular, so you can start out with the basic machine and add the electronics etc to it…so many choices…I wish I could just roll up to the shop and go “I’ll have one of those, and one of these…and that over there” ahhh, one day.

It is Labour Weekend here in Sydney, the weather is beyond glorious, I had to wear a sunhat while walking to work yesterday! Today is SSK hope someone turns up! we seem to be the only family I know, not going away this weekend, although Flash has another day trip to the Hunter Valley planned ( shakes her head) his Dad is coming over soon, followed a week later by my parents, Flash thinks that if the wine rack is full then they will know that he is "looking after me" what a full wine rack has to do with love and commitment I don't know...but he does, and thats enough for me.