Wednesday, October 19, 2005


is what makes a man give up his sunday evening, to shop for and assemble a shelving unit (and big pull out drawer for yarn) just to see his wife smile.

And yes, it really is all in the way you hold your tongue!

He has put in an order for more socks though, and I am thinking that this is worth a pair in Opal silk.

I then spent an hour loading the unit down, yay! all of the stuff that was on the floor now has a home, and he has put two rows of coat hooks on one side for hanging skeins. It doesn't look like much, but you should have seen it before. There is a small shelf unit hidden under all of that stuff!

I am so glad to have my life more organised...but I am wondering where I am going to put the new (to me, but re-conditioned) bulky 8 knitter which should be arriving tomorrow, the lounge is huge space...and underused...hmmm.

I especially liked Flash's comment when he came to look at the unit when I had finished loading it,he noticed that the yarn box is full, and said "well you won't need to buy any more yarn for a while" it took me a full five minutes to stop laughing.

I am off to work this morning with a light heart, it is wednesday, which is my new friday (except that I have to go back on friday...but hey, thats FRIDAY!)