Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a day out

(lady cannonball - towards the top of the picture)

My Mama came from NZ for the weekend, and as none of the adults in our house had been to the Sydney Easter Show - we decided to take a chance - I had stopped going to the Auckland Easter Show when I was 20, so was game for a look.

The day was gorgeous, sunny, but not too hot...we avoided the rides and sideshows...spent ages admiring the alpacas and other livestock, decided that we would have to add a Bengal cat to our wishlist of pets for when we return to NZ (currently a chocolate burmese,blue point siamese and German Shepherd) had a nice leisurely sit down lunch with wine, and saw a lady shot out of a cannon.

The food hall was great, Flash is a sucker for a good sales pitch, so I had to keep an eye on him,but he did well, just a tin of fudge, some lavender, and beautiful dried fruit. I couldn't resist buying some lifestyle magazine showbags...as I can't bear to pay retail for such publications.

The ever-stylish Mama bought cupcakes for the girls

and a dolly for me (when I was little they would always buy me a dolly-on-a-stick at the Auckland Easter show) I like this one better.

I raged the Arts and Crafts hall until I found Donna's shawl (no photo - go to Donna's blog to see it) where she had received a "highly commended", way to go Donna!

Donna explains the "showbag" phenomenom well on her site, it was a new experience for me, I called the kids and was told what to buy,managed to avoid the rubbish, and proceeded to lug it all back to the car without too much drama.

Rating: 3 stars for a uncomplicated fun day out, but thats because we didn't go with the kids!