Saturday, April 15, 2006

Is it a holiday without Holly?

I am so excited, like a kid before Christmas excited, we are off on a weeks holiday tomorrow, but without Holly and Maria...Holls is holidaying with Nana and Harry in Auckland (cross my fingers that she caught her plane) and we saw Maria off at Mascot for two weeks in Thailand - lucky thing!

Flash, Blaise, Charlotte and I are off to Coffs Harbour - we are staying at this resort, the one with the HUGE pool, this holiday is all about the kids, Flash and I have had some amazing holidays without the girls, so we owe them a few, (we haven't actually had a honeymoon though, Flash went to Paris after we got married...but it doesn't count because I wasn't with him)we are basing ourselves at Coffs, but are visiting friends in the Gold Coast for dashes to Australia Zoo and Dreamworld, (and thinking - should I part with $450 for 15 minutes with a tiger?)

I am looking forward to mindless sitting by the pool knitting, reading and thinking, interspersed with intensely active periods (watching my 3 kids (including Flash)on theme park rides...I am TOO old for all that - ok too chicken for all that!)

I am hoping to get plenty of inspiration for yarn colourways while I am away, we are spending one night quite a way inland, at a place where thousands of birds come in every evening, right before dusk, the colours should be amazing.

I'll leave you with my latest little creation...yes another cardi