Friday, April 14, 2006

I was conflicted

I had decided earlier this year to start concentrating on knitting on this blog, less personal stuff - more craft.

I felt that you guys read for the knitting, and the family is a distraction.
I was wrong - my hotmail is full of "what about the adventues of Flash-what has he been up to lately?" and "where is Charlotte?"

I admire the way people like Kath can open up to us, and bare their soul, and have decided that the good, the bad and the downright fugly of my bizarre, bolshie, blended family are back on the blog.

so where are they now?
Melanie - still working at Jackie E on Lambton Quay.
Holly - studying wine science - but you all knew that
Charlotte - in Oz, (and happy)but returning to NZ at the end of the month (will be happier)- we will miss her, again.
Maria - in Oz, at school, going to Thailand for 2 weeks on saturday - good girl!
Blaise -in Oz, at school, sad because she has had her 2nd MP3 /photo storage device stolen.
Flash - working frantically on a presentation for his visit to Delhi ( and recovering from yet another round of vaccinations)
Jussi - living the life of Riley, looking forward to next weeks holiday in Coffs harbour and the Gold Coast.

Knitting progress has been steady, here is a picture of part of my latest baby cardi

I am in the process of loading 5 sets of dpns with ribbing, so that I can knit 2 new pairs of socks and the partner to the arrow sock, while we are away. Nothing too taxing, just a pair of black socks for Flash, and some lacy socks for "whomever they fit" in Lornas "Happy Valley" colourway.