Monday, April 03, 2006

Flash cooked this

this past week has whizzed by, I am writing this post on my new laptop, courtesy of my dear husband, who asked for my tech specs, and surpassed my wildest dreams, this baby is even customised - mediterranean blue - ah he knows me so well, throw Photoshop elements, and Cochenille's Garment designer into the mix, and it's a wonder I have slept at all. I am sure that I will have results to show you soon, the only knitting is "still" the arrows sock, but there has been is a taster - main fabric is a Kaffe Fassett stripe, complemented by an Amy Butler print.

Wonderful weekend, Donni and Ailsa came to Sydney for a girly weekend, I joined them in Newtown for shopping, and then SSK, which was such a social affair that I missed out on talking to some people I either wanted to meet, or catch up with, there was a lot of interesting knitting going on we then wandered down to Kuleto's a local cocktail bar for a pitstop on the way to my place, chatted and watched Flash while he made greek meatballs for the kid's dinner ( I'm thinking of a blog - updated ever weekend, with Flash's latest culinary effort)

we wound up at Chinta Ria (my alltime fave Thai restaurant) we laughed a lot, cried a bit, and drank more than the NSW health authority would approve of. I must admit that I haven't had a "girls night out" since I left NZ, and I enjoyed myself immensely, we'll have to do it again guys - make mine an appletini.

Back to the arrow socks, I am finishing the first as I write this, I am about to start my first "star toe" , I am excited to see how the stripey yarn will react to this treatment.