Monday, May 22, 2006

a cordial affair

Flash and I were halfway to Wollongong on saturday afternoon...bound for the SNB exhibition and tapas at Ailsa's.

The phone rings, it is Blaise "ummmm, something bad happened"
the something turned out to be raspberry cordial, which found it's way into a power point, and shorted, blowing a fuse...we won't go into how the cordial got there, suffice is to say that you couldn't repeat it if you tried.

We backtracked and arrived home, all was actually well, Flash cleaned out the remains of the cordial, and the girls were told to pack their bags and pillows, surprisingly they were exceptionally compliant...must have been the shock of almost frying the new flash fridge.

Joining us at Ailsa's were Donni, Donna, their husbands and kids, Sharon was excused due to childbirth (we were half expecting her to turn up...that woman is a legend) Bronte Violet is gorgeous - just like her big sisters.

Tapas night was a roaring success, the men bonded over their shared experiences " the courier driver has become a mate" said one, " the mailman is on the christmas list" echoed another, " we had to move into the small bedroom, because the yarn has taken over" whispered a third. We laughed...and let slip a bit more about what has gone on the visa lately...Flash told everyone of his plan to make it big in New York with the "yarn store bed"

yarn storage shelf during the day, pull the shutter down to keep yarn in, pull bed down from wall...voila!

Suffice is to say, knitting discussions, comparisons and debate continued into the wee hours.

The next morning, hangovers assuaged with much tea and breakfast, we popped in to the exhibition, I have no photos, but the others do/will do, it was expertly hung and curated (the amazing Sharon) and well patronised on a beautiful sunday morning. Blaise had work so we had to hurry home, but I managed to squeeze in a quick cuddle with the beautiful Bronte. Well done Sharon and effort.