Friday, May 12, 2006

Knitting for Victory!

In New Zealand the daily grind is a perfectly brewed espresso...

Wonderful article from the Auckland museum about this gorgeously bright knitted blanket celebrating the end of WW2.

I am loving the New Zealand Now site, smart, savvy and full of all of the information I could have done with prior to moving to Oz. often electricity is billed, how to get a decent phone service etc. Arts, Culture, Lifestyle, info for the interested and the expat. No knitting content as yet though.

Knitting catalogue time again, and interesting how many of the "big" spinners are trying to knock off Noro type colourways - I found this one particularly frightening! a giant ball of polyester/acrylic Noro wannabe yarn,imagine knitting in public with THAT!, however the same catalogue did include this so I will be stocking up with sock yarn next time I am home.

The perfect antidote to giant synthetic zombie yarnballs - Touch yarns - I saw a lot of their yarn when I was in Christchurch, beautiful colurs, delightful textures, not cheap, and don't look at their pattern page, but truly inspired colour.

The anniversary socks are over 1/3 finished! I am so glad I decided to knit them at the same time, seeing the progress is very motivating, Flash has huge feet, so I have employed a a half skein of denim mix opal for the heels and toes, fingers crossed that I will have enough yarn!