Wednesday, May 24, 2006

finished objects

The Anniversary socks are finished! They were completed yesterday afternoon, so they took exactly 2 weeks, pretty good going for me at the moment.

anyway, here they are, and yes they are loved.

A few observations:

when I knit Holly a pair of socks using Opal sock yarn, I start with 98 -103 grams and end with 12-16 grams. As Flash's socks were much bigger, I figured I would need 20-30 grams extra, thus the denim mix used on the heels and toes.
I wound off two balls, 1 weighed 48 grams, the other 50.
When I had finished the leg sections, each leg weighed 32 grams, I then knit the heels with the blue yarn, and knit the gusset and foot with the brown yarn again. The leg and foot section are the same length, so I figured I would use approx 125 grams of yarn total, but I ended up with 10 grams of brown left over, I am baffled. I didn't change anything, the only thing I can think of is that ribbing weighs more than stst!

post script:
my Mama is in London, she has social engagements up the wazoo, but managed to get to Liberty for me, she of course called from the store, I have a feeling that crack silk haze is in my near future, anyway, if you were in Liberty yesterday, and noticed a breathless, elegant woman with an accent you couldn't quite pinpoint, if she asked you for assistance as though she had known you for years and still appreciated you...that was my Mum