Tuesday, May 16, 2006

skeining my life away...

we are a bunch of sickies here in the terrarium at present, Flash is still recovering from his trip to Delhi, but has gone to Melbourne again, I ka-dunked my head against the bedroom wall (concrete) yesterday morning (thought the wall was a lot further away than it evidently was) and have a lovely goose-egg - other than that I seem fine, but am not taking any chances, I had a delayed concussion 11 years ago, and it was not pleasant - I remember standing in the hallway in the hospital reading the eye chart outloud, I thought I was doing very well, but the people sitting on the chairs which lined the hall were sniggering to themselves...I had it completely wrong and was hauled off for a CT scan - as I had had a concussion 12 months previous to that.
I still remember the pamphlet they gave me which stated that " if you have experienced 2 or more concussions - you may want to re-consider your lifestyle" If I want to avoid bumps, bruises and concussions I would have to literally wrap myself in foam, I am THE clumsiest person, I walk into door frames, tables, bench corners, cannot look under a sink without bashing my head or knocking my knee, recently I wondered where the straight line bruises I have on each forearm came from...Flash solved it.. the doorhandles, which I bash prior to opening almost everytime I walk into a room , it's a combination hangover from being a tall, coltish, gangly girl (wish I still was!), and a mother in a rush...I really should take my husband's advise and slooooow down.

To this end I have decided to spend the day pottering around and tying up loose ends, and lots of those loose ends seem to be skeins of yarn, the only drawback to the fun that is dyeing is the utter boredom that is skeining, you skein off the balls or cones, dye, wash,dry, and wind back into balls.I kind of lose interest after the drying stage, the skeins are pretty and decorative, and I'm usually so bored with the whole process by then that I want to move on to something new (oooh - shiny!) so I have a pile of skeins waiting to be wound into balls so that they can actually be USED!

an hour or so curled up on the couch with some Ginger Spice tea from T2, and finish reading the extraordinarily amusing "Is it just me, or is everything sh*t" (I particularly like this excerpt) I'm not going to do a book review, the brain is not up to it, but basically, if you like "Grumpy Old Men" you will like this, it it the perfect book to read when you don't really feel like reading a book.

Stripey I do promise to get out of my jammies this morning and walk up to the Post Office and express post some things to you. I am a bad knitter.