Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hidden depths

Over a year ago I purchased 3 balls of Noro Aurora (colourway 6) on a whim, I liked the sound of it, I loved Silk garden so expected to love the aurora...I didn't, it was scratchy, like carpet yarn, it had nasty shiny lurex wraps, it wasn't what I expected. I tried to knit a scarf in a snowshoe drop stitch pattern and gave up after 20 rows, it didn't feel right, and I wasn't doing the colours any justice.

The aurora languished in the stash, overlooked and unloved, I pushed it to the bottom of the chest, feeling guilty for my inadequacy, my inability to get the best from this yarn.

On monday night, in the midst of house drama ( I'll get to that in a few days) I had a sudden flash of inspiration - my brain is constantly on the lookout for a diversion - I'll do a short row scarf on the knitting machine, it will enhance the colours and relieve me from having to hand knit scratchy yarn. I cast on 40 sts and used max tension, and all 3 balls.

The aurora complied...mostly... it did try to drop sts whenever 1/2 or more of the sts were on hold, but judicious use of weights fixed that, the sts were very easy to pick up, they just sat and waited for me, and the results were stunning...Flash came home yesterday while it was blocking, and almost gushed at it's beauty, the short rows enhanced the colour changes with an effect reminiscent of oil pastels on a black canvas, even the lurex is not out of place, providing accent flashes every few inches.

The scratchiness disappeared on washing - I expected this, I am always having this conversation with people, they think silkgarden is scratchy, I say "Wash it!!!" the metamorphosis is amazing, the scarf is soft and just slightly fuzzy. I used lukewarm water and woolwash, as I didn't want any felting to occur, but I think this patterning would look great felted in grey tones, as an afghan or cushion covers.

Blaise thinks it looks like an impressionist landscape - I don't know but I love the curves.

I wonder if I know anyone who would like it? maybe a certain young woman who is having a birthday soon?