Monday, December 25, 2006

tidings of comfort and joy

Christmas is quiet this year, of our six we only have one child to celebrate the day with. Blaise is the sole recipient of our Christmas cheer, I have only one stocking to fill, it is strange.
Our house is chaos, where the dining room was is now a pile of belongings, I keep trying to tell Flash that the packers are used to just coming in and packing, they don't need you to get everything out for them, but he is not convinced. He has also built and un-built (I know it's not a word) every blasted flatpak, in fear that we will be charged duty on any new items, he has done something with his drill, and angle grinder and an alun key to make this faster, now I have to convince him to work the same magic on my ballwinder!
Merry Christmas everybody, if you have commented or emailed and I have not replied, I am sorry, I have not caught up with everyone's blogs for over a week, and I fear the next couple of weeks will be the same, there is so much to do and not much time to do it, but tomorrow we will relax and talk and laugh, there will be no cleaning, no housework apart from the dishes.
p.s. when Flash went back to IKEA to get the substitute doors for the workroom, magic happened! the doors I wanted in the first place were sitting there on the shelf, acting all nonchalant, the computer was wrong! (sorry, it was a data entry error)
Have a wonderful Christmas, from a temporarily substantially reduced me and mine, to you and yours.