Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh I just had to

I know, I know - never blog twice in a day!

But I HAVE to!
we have a house, the contract has just gone unconditional, so I can tell you now...I am SO excited!

In a leafy, bushclad suburb, on a north facing (that's good in the southern hemisphere) hillside with views of more bush, a quiet road with neighbours who are not too close, but close enough, bush walks, native birds, shops and cafes are a few minutes walk away.

We were a bit concerned when we started looking at properties, to afford most of the houses we liked would have meant selling the cottage, and we couldn't face that, but then we found this house, and it is fantastic! 4 decks, a new spa pool and an inground pool for summer living. 4 bedrooms, an upstairs parents retreat containing a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, ensuite, and best of all a huge lounge which will be my work room - I have to share it with Flash, but I'm sure we will find a corner for him...! off the upstairs lounge is a small balcony with room for a couple of chairs - perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening.

This house has everything we need and want, ok, so the kitchen is smaller than we would prefer, but on the other hand there is a seperate laundry ( sometimes the domestic goddess persona overcomes me - I have been daydreaming about shelves of neatly folded towels and laundry supplies - but it doesn't last long!), the bathrooms are a bit dated - but there are 3 bath-type rooms downstairs, so we can have one daughter washing her face or having a bath, while another is in the loo, and a third having a shower. There are a few things to fix, but they are minor, and easily sorted.

There are 2 woodburners, one in each lounge, so Flash is planning trips with the chainsaw and trailer, squirrelling wood away for winter, I am making plans of the plants we will need for the front garden in order to avoid mowing the lawn, and visiting Ikea (not yet in NZ) for cheap new curtain fabrics for the kids rooms...and I just can't stop jumping up and down with joy!

Now we can relax and have a nice Christmas, befor it all goes crazy again - the movers will be in at the end of December to pack and move us home.