Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday round up -really!

ok so it's saturday - but I wrote this last night - so it's fair!

- the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" - watch it, set during the Spanish civil war, (and in spanish - but with great subtitles) it is the story of Ofelia a young girl placed in a horrific situation whose imagination takes over to protect her from reality. It is not a happy story, and there are some gruesomely violent scenes, but it is beautiful to watch the magic lift this child above the horror.

- I have finally - wait for it....finally finished the blue blob, it is now officially an Hourglass sweater, however it is still damp after blocking for 2 days now, and I am scared to pick it up...but there will be photos as soon as I can put it on.

- flushed with the success of the Hourglass sweater I immediately cast on for a Droplet hat from Nora Gaughn's "Knitting nature" with the remainder of the Noro cash iroha I used for the sweater, the next day Blaise had a cute new hat(above). I enjoyed this knit, it went quickly and the pattern was interesting enough to keep me amused, and easy enough to be TV knitting.

- apart from that slight deviation, Ravelry has been great for keeping me honest and on track with my projects, last night I worked away at the secret knitting which is now at the top of my projects list, this is a first for me, I am so easily distracted that it is nice to have such a tool to keep me focused.
I'm off to pick Flash up from the airport - another week away from home...hmm maybe that's how come I got to finish so much knitting!