Sunday, September 02, 2007


I have chosen a sock yarn for the journey - Colinette jitterbug in the "Monet" colourway - I shall definitely be taking it to visit Monet's Nymphea at the Musee D'orangerie - probably no photos though...unless I can get Flash to kinnear one with his phone.

We have found a lovely young woman who is willing to live with our teenage daughters for almost 3 weeks, she has a degree in Psychology, but we haven't told them that yet!

I know that I have readers in Paris - I will be staying at the Marriott Champs Elysees,arriving on thursday 11 October, we have friday until 5pm, saturday afternoon and sunday until about 5 free of commitments, we then have the following friday and sunday afternoons free-ish. I would love to attend a knitting group for an hour or so, so if there are any on in the City during these times please let me know, or if anyone lives nearby and wants to meet up for a coffee- email is

As you can see, I have finally received my itinerary:
we leave NZ 10/10 for Singapore, 24 hour stopover (just long enough to grab some Chili crab!) and arrive in Paris 11/10 - where we have a day and a half alone (yay - this is when I will be BonMarche and La Droguerie shopping) before we meet up with the rest of the group on friday at 5pm.
Saturday morning we have a 2cv tour of various sights, and can be dropped wherever we like, we get to spend this afternoon doing whatever we want to before we meet back at the hotel to go to the rugby semi-final.

Sunday is at our leisure until the rugby again

Monday we depart for the Loire valley - via TGV - we will be staying at the Domaine De Beauvois and will spend this day wandering Tours.

Tuesday bicycle ride to "discover a variety of landscapes" and picnic lunch, and dinner at Le Moulin Fleuri.

Wednesday visit to Amboise, which I am looking forward to immensely.

Thursday visit to Chenonceau (picture above)which I am looking forward to even more than the Amboise, a bit of wine and cheese tasting, then a medieval dinner at Le Clos Luce - Da Vinci's last home before his death.

Friday back to Paris - free for the day, and then "a romantic dinner cruise" apparently it will be "tables for two" unfortunately knowing this lot they will push them all together and dance on them...

Saturday - the Louvre, and then more freedom before the Rugby final.

Sunday - it's over - utter freedom to go wherever we like! at 6pm we take the Eurostar to London

Monday - wander London (yes we have plans for all of our wanderings)

Tueday - blat down to Gloucestershire to visit the house I was born in, and the cemetary where my Grandfather lies - the rest of the family have been and planted NZ native flaxes and hebes, now it is my turn.

Wednesday more sightseeing and shopping in London, then back to Singapore for a break- this time we have time for shopping, the Night safari and more chilli crab (and the bucket curries that Flash was too frightened to eat on the way there in case he spent the holiday in the bathroom! - he'll take his chances on the way home)

Friday - home, and sleep.