Sunday, September 23, 2007


Blaise managed to have all her stuff together - and left early Saturday morning, neither of us cried - but I did take a photo for her baby book...I think it will be poignant as the last one, waving her passport at me from the immigration gate because she is pretty much grown up now. I'll still keep taking photos of her(of course!)

Saturday night we went to a rugby match - not my choice for an evening out, but it was great - we had the corporate box to ourselves and invited my parents, my sister, her husband and kids. Anyone who knows me knows that my sister and I have not talked much in the past 5 years, so it was nice to be able to spend an evening all together.

My new best friend and I had a great time outside watching the game, she is two, and didn't understand what was going on...just that there was a ball, lot's of man's and lot's of mans needing a plaster (bandaid) and a kiss...which pretty much sums up everything I know about the game too.There was lot's of dancing standing on Aunty Jus's lap, high fives whenever the crowd roared, waving and saying"hi" to the camera man (it was a small crowd - she ended up on TV numerous times) and trying to remove all of my jewellery (pretty...) my nephew is seven and had a brilliant time eating chippies and watching the game, I'm really happy that Flash organised it and made me go - even if it was rugby.
Sunday morning dawned warm and sunny - for me anyway...Flash was hungover!
I caught the ferry to Devonport and met Libby, Sarah and Edwina (sadly blogless) at Wild and Woolly which is the best allround yarn store in Auckland, we then retired for coffee (I didn't buy anything except buttons - which I need for an order - I feel very virtuous!)it was wonderful to meet Libby - whom Sarah and I have been talking to on Ravelry, I love the knitternet!
(and yes I ordered my Ravelry shirt...and some pins)