Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday round up

Before she goes here...I have a list...the orange plastic spoons from T2 ( they're handy ok?) Green and Blacks with caramel and seasalt, the scent of Pentimento...(she offered to go in with a jar and capture some air!) did you guess?...Blaise is off to Sydney for a week.

As a gift to the friend she is staying with, Blaise is knitting a scarf...but in true Turner tradition it's just not that simple.
First buy your yarn....cream Naturally felted lambswool
skein it and soak it
then paint it with a variety of purples (your best friend's favourite colour)
cook it, wash it, dry it, re-ball it...then knit it!

Some Knit Rangers are meeting up with KiwiChick this sunday morning at 10.30 outside Wild and Woolly, we'll have tea and cake and talk knitting, join us if you can!