Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bag lady

knitting is happening, the arrows sock continues apace, but make boring blog photos, test knitting is frantic, and there has been some fun knitting...but the recipient reads the blog so...

I have been making gift bags.

Yesterday I bought 2 metres each of blue, pink and green 100% cotton gingham, I like gingham because it has lines, I am straight-line challenged, gingham helps.

I then cut out the peices for 48 bags, this was easy, because I just had to cut straight lines.

I then overlocked the top raw edge on all 48 peices, they looked like a string of flags

I was still having a good time, and the overlocker was happy, so I continued, and overlocked both side seams on each bag (having folded over one of the top edges to make a little pocket)

all were then trimmed, and turned right-side out, 48 little pillowcase type gift bags, some large, some small.


well work out how many gifts you give a much wrapping paper, cello, and tissue paper goes in the landfill, how many hours you spend searching for the sticky tape ( I swear I left it in the gift wrap drawer...) the frustration and time you can save by just popping those socks into a neat little drawstring bag (the recipient can keep them in that little bag) These are for birthdays and "just because".

I will get started on my Christmas bags soon, my local Spotlight has heaps of Christmas fabrics half price...or I might go with red and dark green gingham gotta love those straight lines!

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