Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Birth is a difficult, life-changing process, you find strengths you didn't know you had, and new depths to those around you, the outcome may not be as you expected - positive or negative, but the experience leaves you a better person.

The delivery of my website is like a birth in some ways, I have worked hard, I have been constrained by the limits of my webserver - the fact that it is only "so" wide and you have to scroll vertically, the fact that I don't own a baby at present, so have to wait until I can pay a stunt baby to model the clothes. I don't want these barriers to stop me doing what I enjoy, they will be overcome in time.
Friends and family have gathered around and seen either a gorgeous addition to the family or a little red-faced monkey. I am not so blinded by maternal affection that I do not see the flaws in my creation - so please feel free to leave your comments - but constructive criticism please! I am still tender.

The free pattern for my newborn baby singlet (pictured above) is available there