Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a few more of my favourite things...

Kids are back at school, YAY! finally I have the house to myself, although I love Blaise very much, I felt like her siamese twin as she sat at her laptop next to me for hours on end, hopefully for a good cause, she has entered a couple of short story competitions, with the amount of time she spends writing she should make out like a bandit!

well, this is the kind of post you write when you know you should post but also have other deadlines, so i'll catch you up on what I have been listening to, because I can't show you any knitting. I sometimes write about the music I like, and most of it isn't available on I-tunes, but youtube is not so anti-antipodean so here are some links to a few favourites,(leave to load with the sound off then replay at volume) first off

Fur Patrol
(so named after one of the band member's posse of cats who would "patrol" the garden)
song 1 "Andrew"

song2 "Lydia"
Flash took me to see them soon after we met, the concert was in a small theatre off K Rd in Auckland, Galatos st I think...we were both in black leather coats, the place was packed, but we managed to hold our own in a booth because the kids around us thought we were cops - too funny!

Bic Runga - magic

song 1 "When I see you smile"

song 2 "sway"

and this is for my mate Jase, to see if he is awake!

Underdaks ad

or maybe it's for you Al!

ok, enough of that...here's more kiwi music

song 1 - Alright this has to be my favourite rock out summer at the bach (holiday house) song (needs to be LOUD)

I am also listening to a lot of podcasts, some knitting (though most of the goodies are on hiatus at present) I am particularly enjoying listening to Penn radio (Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller) he is though provoking AND hilarious. Jeepers all this listening, I must be getting some work done huh?