Friday, July 07, 2006

what to do...

about Blaise - just when she had recovered from the gigantic , disgusting tonsil episode, she went to the playground and sliced her finger open on the slide, she was taken to a local pharmacy, where her companion's Mum worked, and she cleaned and dressed the wound, and advised Blaise that it wasn't bad.

Next morning Blaise comes to me and tells me that she is worried about her finger, here am I thinking it's a wee off to the GP (who is threatening to give my family a recurring appointment) it's not a wee cut, she has filleted her finger, the skin is hanging on by a thread, and it is too late for stitches (almost used the knitting abbreviation sts there) the best we can do is stick it down with sticky strips, keep it elevated and hope for the best.
We returned home, Blaise was sent to bed (no computer!) with yet more DVDs ( Mirrormask - I must watch it), she kept her finger up near her shoulder, looking all the while like a demented criminal mastermind, she eschewed the washing up (yeh, like she was desperate to do it) and covered the hand with a plastic bag when showering.
This morning, three days later, we returned to the GP, he was surprised to see that the skin was a healthy pink, the digit was re-wrapped and Blaise is under orders to bend and stretch the finger at least 50 times a day - I am her trainer...and I am ruthless.

I received a comment today from Veronica - she followed my Shibori tutorial(in the sidebar) and has excelled, you must go look at her beautiful work, I must learn Spanish - she sounds so excited, I don't know what she is saying, but I know she is happy.

Thank you to everyone who commented this week - I have tried to get to all of you individually, but have missed out those who do not have their email on their blog ( go to g-mail and get one!)I have also been amazed at the response my last post received - I was so happy to hear from so many people who had thought about this issue - I don't care what decision you make, so long as it is the right one for you and your family.

And lastly, because I have to:

"Go the Blacks!!!"

jeepers - never thought you would hear those words from this non team-player did you!