Thursday, July 13, 2006

that's the story

The school holidays are drawing to a close, and I have been spending time with Blaise - today we are going to the movies to see a comedy "Sione's Wedding" which as the name implies is about a Samoan wedding, I am so excited, I have missed the Pacifica aspect which is evident in everyday life in Auckland, and an old friend is also in the movie - when we were younger I had to be careful when we were together, he is so funny that I would spit out my drink or accidentally hit my head while laughing, of all my friends back then he taught me the most, that to be yourself is more important than being popular, and to be able to make people laugh is one of the best gifts you can have, plus he gave me the title of "Miss Pink Chardon 1984" thank goodness my taste in alcohol has improved since my teens.
Which segues nicely into this, if you know New Zealand this will make you laugh so hard, if you don't know New Zealand this will make you wonder...anyway it's an ad for 42 Below Vodka, it is full of sheep (just like NZ) and it is choice...bro.