Thursday, August 24, 2006

alls well that ends well

Flash finished work earlier than expected yesterday, to swing by the house in order to return the camera, he took heed of my words and borrowed the office camera ( and transported it in MY camera bag, so my poor wee camera was flung around loose in his briefcase)
His early arrival also meant that I could drop him at the airport, meaning that I have the car for a couple of days, so far I have resisted the urge to drive into the city and visit Tapestry Craft, drive to Bondi junction and shop, drive to Miranda and shop ( I have a limited number of "tracks" I can drive to Wollongong no sweat - but you think I can get to Rose Bay without chest palpitations and liberal amounts of rescue remedy, no way).
I settled on driving (I usually walk so it felt incredibly bourgeouis) to Broadway for groceries, and an alarm clock for Blaise - rhymes with malaise, as she is having trouble waking, she told me she has so many ideas spinning around in her head, that when she settles down at night to write them in her journal her imagination wakes up and it takes hours for her to settle down again, so I bought her some baby Moleskines (the ones that come in a 3 pack) to live in her bags and pockets, so that she can write the thoughts down immediately, she can then transfer them into her big mummy moleskine at a time more conducive to her sleep schedule.
It's not just babies who have sleep problems!

here are some of the swatches, I staple the yarn ballband and notes to them, so that I don't forget the details, then they go out into the wild for rounding up at a later date.

Blaise is asking constantly about the monkey backpack, it's still in the WIP basket somewhere...