Friday, August 11, 2006

You be the judge

a few months ago Stripey sent me some beautiful Koigu KPPM, which I knitted into a wee baby surprise cardi for a friend's new baby, and loved the experience so much that I had to buy more, it languished in the stash until yesterday when I decided to make some wee pants, I decided that all of that colour, not broken up by a stitch pattern, was going to be a wee bit overwhelming, hence the black stripes in a merino/silk blend.

When Blaise arrived home from school I asked for her opinion..."they're cute - are the parents hippies?"
"no why?"
"because they are rainbow pants"
" they're KOIGU" (like that explains it)
" I know - I like them - but they are rainbow pants"
"but, they're KOIGU!!!"

so guys can you answer me we get carried away with our love of Koigu KPPM and it true that to non-knitters look at us and instead of seeing artful colour blending and the witty use of tone and shade - they see RAINBOW??? are these HIPPY pants ????

and why am I listening to a 15 year old whose style could be neatly summed up as Emo ( that's if I was cruel enough to try and stick a label on "hippy") and the others have absolutely no clue - Maria just left the house in a lime green tweed coat over jeans and Flash thinks everything I make is marvellous ( honey, I can take criticism, just hide the knives first).

It's friday night, hopefully it will be quieter and less eventful than last friday ( I sat in something very wet in the taxi, bought new pants and other bits and bobs, had an amazing Indian dinner - and spent a restless night feeling like I was on speed - as did Flash - those must have been some fresh! chillies in that curry) I'm looking forward to a cool Pinot Gris, and catching up with my husband as he cooks chili con carne, hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend.