Monday, August 14, 2006

where it all gets a bit crazy...

So we have managed to get our new elliptical trainer (in box) back home to our carpark, before we go any further you need to know that the box is HEAVY.
Flash gets into a "zone" when tackling heavy lifting, this involves him doing something and me being expected to intuit what he is doing and "help". We arrange a shopping trolley behind the boot of the car, and Flash starts to manouevre the box out of the boot into the cart - I figure my job is to hold the cart steady, then I feel the pain - and shriek, Flash looks at me, annoyed, he keeps pushing the box, the pain is intense, I suddenly remember how to speak to a man on a mission - calmly and clearly I say "sweetheart, my wrist is pinned between the box and the cart, I think it may be broken" it works, suddenly the box goes into reverse and my husband is cradling my mangled wrist. Yay - my right wrist, anyway, it's just abrasions and contusions ( thats scrapes and bruises to us lay people) and it's feeling much better now.

Yesterday we both needed some beach time, it was a beautiful day, so we ended up at Brighton-le-sands, not our favourite beach, I don't even think of it as a beach, it's so flat it's almost a lake, but we didn't have much time, so there we were, Flash sunbathed while I collected tiny little snail shells, I'm afraid staying still is not one of my attributes, anyway, these shells are so pretty, pinks, blues, stripes, lemon and blue stripes, sunbleached but still colourful.

My shell collecting provided Flash with a serendipitous opportunity to mock the pain of my homesickness.
Contrary to the caption I am happily searching for brightly coloured treasures, I did not even notice the Air NZ plane in the distance...but he did.

Thanks for all of the comments about the pants, I have decided to have them out with some other baby knits, when the parents-to-be next visit, then if they go "ooh and aah" I will know that it is safe to give them the pants, if they don't I will give them something else - easy! I think I will make bootees with the remaining Koigu, everyone loves rainbow feet!

p.s. the elliptical ?? it is a joyous thing, I had stopped going to the gym (in my building - Flash goes to a proper gym near work)because I felt very intimidated everytime I went in there, there are a lot of people in my building, and not a few personal trainers, a couple of whom use the gym to train their clients ( yes there are on-going complaints) no one has ever said anything, but it is uncomfortable sweating and puffing while you have an audience waiting for the equipment, now I can turn the stereo up loud and sweat, puff and swear to my hearts content...bliss.
p.p.s Blaise has informed me that it is a CROSS trainer, not an elliptical, because it has handles which move when the pedals move. My apologies.